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Basic Info

Name: Moya
Location: Cuenca
Country: Spain


This castle occupies a strategic site at the borders of the kingdoms of Valencia, Castile, and Aragon It is built on the summit of a high ridge defended by cliffs that make it practically immune to assault.

The eastern side of the enclave, the most vulnerable to attack, is defended by a double wall, while the southern side is protected by the castle itself and a connecting wall that Islamic The castle is separated from the town by a ditch and a strong wall fortified with cylindrical towers Inside, al the foot of the principal lower, is a small court of arms
An extant manuscript lists the privileges ceded to the town by the kings of Castile from Alfonso VIII to Queen
Isabella The town, having passed to the House of Alba, toes involved in the disputes of the Carlist fighters who rack shelter in this remote pines.
The town of Moya !s practically abandoned today, and therefore both the town and the castle preserve their medieval ambience.