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 +===== Romans ===== 
 +During the third century B.C., the art of war made rapid progress so the defense tactics were improved. Romans and Greeks already used gateways in the defense of a fortress; curtain walls and towers were also common. The Romans governed for so long and occupied a vast empire. They left rectangular buildings measuring about 60ft by 70 ft called milecastle. Examples of their fortifications can be seen in Italy, Palestine, Gaul and Britain.\\ 
 +{{ :​architecture:​borcovi_small.jpg?​300 |}} 
 +About 500 A.D. the Byzantine fortifications of this period are among the greatest works of military engineering of all time.\\ 
 +The medieval castle originated in the ninth century in France, western Germany and northern Italy because the nobles began building fortifications in response to increasing insecurity in the region. ​ \\ 
 +Castles can be divided into two big categories: ​ Medieval and Post-Medieval