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Name: Hellbrunn Palace
Location: Salzburg
Country: Austria

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Scholoss Hellbrunn was built in the 17th century by Santino Solari under bishop Markus Sittikus, Wolf Dietrich's nephew. It was built at the foot of the well-watered Hellbrunn mountain.

Since Hellbrunn Castle never served as a summer residence in the strict sense of the term, but was only used as a villa suburbana for day time dwelling, the building is not spacious. The ground floor is a rectangle, flanked by two turret-shaped, receding wings on the north eastern and south eastern sides. The three stories are marked by two horizontal bands. The unequal window-arrangement by which the windows center towards the middle, recalls Roman Baroque architecture. The grooved corniches show the first signs of Salzburgh secular architecture and the spirit of the German Renaissance.

In spacious grounds is a Wasserspiele (trick fountains) section containing many ingenious trick fountains and water powered figures. It also contains the mechanical theater. This is one of the most beautiful examples of mannerist architecture and unique throughout Europe. Great example of the magnificent Italian architecture. They were installed by the bishop and are activated by the tour guides, who all seem to share the bishop's infantile sense of humor. This has been the main attraction at Hellbrunn for almost 400 years. except guests now pay for the privilege of being sprayed by trick sidewalks and sculptures and having their bottoms unexpectedly soaked while sitting at a banquet table.

Mysterious grottoes, beautiful wells and valuable sculptures make your visit extraordinary. There are all sorts of delightful things to see in the park: historical formal gardens, ponds and magnificent flower beds.

Markus Sittikus had the natural stone quarry in Hellbrunn transformed into a stage, creating the “Steintheater” - Stone Theater, the oldest open-air stage in Europe. This is a high semicircular strecture, lined with a tapestry shaped mosaic made of many solored pebbles. In the center niche stands the statue of a Roman Emperor

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