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Name: Hochosterwitz
Country: Austria

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Visitor Accounts

Steven Lindgren, 30, from Tacoma, WA, wrote:
This castle was built into a steep rocky hill within a gorgeous green valley. You pass through several gates if walking, or you can ride an elevator. I have not been to many places like this, and was in awe of every detail. The view from the top was impressive as well. What a great afternoon tour!!! (if you are in the neighborhood) This part of the world is like a dream.

Mario Galpin, 58, from Cyptus, wrote:
I have been to the top of the Hochosterwitz castle many times in my life and intend to climb up there whenever I go to Austria, which is almost every year. It's a lovely walk up to the top and a marvelous view of the surrounding hills and valleys when you reach the top. I have lived in Cyprus for the last 34 years and can not forget the terrible invasion by Turkey in 1974. Standing in the castle and looking down at the flatland below I always imagine the Ottoman Turks are still there and cannot conquer the castle, according to the local legend they never managed to get to the top!!

Lorenz Krassnitzer, Age 32, from New Mexico wrote.
The Hochesterwitz Castle is a beautiful castle and a popular landmark of Carinthia a state of Austria. I have been to this castle four times in my life since 1986. I enjoy the breath taking view that you can see of the valley and towns that surrounds the castle. The castle was made in 860 A.D on a steep and rocky hill that is 160 meters high with a rock cliff on one side. You can also see the castle from about 20 miles away on a clear day. At the top of the castle there is a restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, museum and a church. There are two ways to get to the top of the castle. The first way is to walk the 620 meter trail to the top by going though the 14 guard gates. Each of these gates were made at different times during the 16th century. The second way is to the take the cable car that is located on the back side of the castle on the cliff side to the top. The castle is open in the spring to early fall. Any way this one of many of my favorite places in Austria to visit. I will visit Berg Hochosterwitz many more times in my life. I found this castle by visiting my family who still lives in the Carinthia who I try visit as much as I can.

Richard Smurthwaite, 45 from Utah, USA, wrote:
Hochosterwitz is one of the most impressive castles from the outside. Since it was never a residence, the inside isn't much. The approach up the hill to the castle leads through 14 fortified gates. Totally unique!

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