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Basic Info

Name: Hofburg
Location: Vienna
Country: Austria

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Visitor Accounts

Birgit, 19, from Austria, wrote:
Who hasn't dreamt of living like an emperor? Here, my romantic daydreams come true: I'm from Vienna. I've not visited the Hofburg since I had been there with my school and have learned many interesting things about this sight in my home country! Originally a medieval castle dating from the thirteenth century, this imperial residence grew over the course of about 600 years into a expansive complex of buildings. The so-called Leopoldie Wing of the Hofburg has housed the Offices of the Austrian Federal President since 1946. Now it's the office of doctor Thomas Klestil, our President. You can also visit the treasure in a part of the Imperial House and if I were you, I would visit the Hofburg when I were in Austria!
Arturo Weiss, 36, from South America, wrote:
I visited this castle two weeks ago. It is a magnificent urban palace that keeps most of its original splendor through furniture, tapestries and wall paintings dating back to Habsburg emperors' times. At the time of my visit a very interesting exhibition about Archduke Rudolf's life and death was on display. It showed many interesting and rare things about this man whose life was to change Austrian history, even by indirect means. The royal apartments and silver chamber - a must see!
Richard Smurthwaite, 45, from Utah, wrote:
There's no such thing as seeing the whole Hofburg. It consists of so many different pieces, built over about a 500-year period. One wing still houses the offices of the federal presidency. The most important parts to see are: Schatzkammer (Treasury)- which includes the crown of the Holy Roman Empire; Nationalbibliothek Prunksaal (National Library Grand Hall) - the peak of Baroque architecture designed by Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach and built by his son; The Winterreitschule (The Winter Riding School). I also thoroughly enjoyed the Silberkammer (Silver and Porcelain Treasury) - some of the most exquisite hand painted porcelain anywhere! Unless you have lots of time, skip the Royal Apartments, and see similar stuff at Schoenbrunn. There are several other museums in the Hofburg, including Musical Instruments and and exhibit on archeological excavations in Ephesus.
Ana Eisenkoelbl, 30, from Canada wrote:
I visited this Palace in 1994. Part of the Palace you are unable to tour because it is the residence of the President of Austria. The remainder is a regal and magnificent place. The most interesting is the area of the palace for the jewels, royal and otherwise. The most historically significant being St. Stephen's Crown which dates back to the 12th century and used to crown all Hungarian and subsequently Austrian kaisers (kings). The Palace is set in the center of the City of Vienna and surrounded by a beautiful garden on one side and magnificent architecture of other buildings on the other. Also within the Palace gates you will find the centuries old Spanish Riding School where the famous white stallions are trained and shows are held. If you visit Vienna, this Palace is a must see.

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