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Basic Info

Name: Hohenwerfen
Location: Werfen, Just South Of Salzburg
Country: Austria

Ticket Prices: Adults: € 14,50-€ 11,00
Groups, Students: € 12,50-€ 9,50
Children(6 – 15 years): € 8,00-€ 6,00

Hours: April - October: 9:30 am – 4:00 pm (Closed on Mondays)
May - September: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
20th July – 14th August: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm



Visitor Accounts

A Ruttner, 34, from Toronto, Canada, wrote:
This fortress is truly impressive, sitting on top of a cliff and surrounded by rugged mountains. Well worth a visit just for the view alone. The fortress is in excellent shape considering that it is approx. 1000 years old.
Mike Bolac, 52, from Virginia, wrote:
I have visited this castle several times and each time come away with a new experience. The walk up to the entrance is steep, but easily manageable on the path. This is a real “fighting castle” with a dungeon, archer emplacements, and a system of walls which makes one question how anyone could have ever defeated those inside. There are several tours, including one in English. The interior of the castle is well worth the trip and don't miss the opportunity to go onto the roof turret on the bell tower. This castle doesn't have all the glitz and flash of Neuschwanstein and Hohensalzburg, but it gives a true picture of what it was like to live in a great stone fortress. There is also a falconry demonstration in the summer months.
Steve Malfroidt, 24, from Belgium, wrote:
Birds of prey rule in this castle, that's for sure. What can I say about this castle except that it was mind-blowing, it was so good I visited it twice. Their show with birds of prey was stunning, they start with some small birds of prey, but they end with eagles and vultures, magnificent, especially in this setting. I strongly recommend to visit this castle, if you're in the neighborhood of Salzburg, you won't regret it!!!!

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