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Name: Schonbrunn
Location: Vienna
Country: Austria

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Schonbrunn was supposed to have been the Versailles of the Austrian Empire; but the Hapsburgs were very different from the Kings of France and would never wanted to present themselves to their subjects as gods. Therefore Schronbrunnn was built as both a palace and a summer residence for the numerous families of the rulers. Construction was started at the end of the 17th century, but the history of Schonbrunn had began much earlier than that. It is said that Emperor Mathias II, returning from the hunt one day near the country residence of Katterburg, found a spring of crystal clear water that he called schoner Brunnen (lovely spring). Johann Fischer von Erlach, was commissioned to design the palace and construction began in 1696.The golden age of Schonbrunn began with Maria Teresa of Austria ( 1717-1780) and was only to end with the definite decline of the Hapsburg empire. The empress commissioned court architect Nikolaus von Pacassi with the remaining works, which were completed between 1746 and 1749. he concentrated on the interiors, lightening the original Baroque style with many touches of Rococo. The Great and Small Galleries were completed to be used as receptions and, at Maria Teresa's personal request, a court theater was built as an addition to the original plans. The park too was finally completed and took on the appearance it still has today.

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Visitor Accounts

Charles von Auersperg und Preußen von Hanover, 14, from Ontario/Rhode Island, wrote:
Schönnbrunn is a truly spectacular palace with 1,441 rooms, adorned with the finest furnishings and massive chandeliers, most in a style named after the Empress herself, Maria Theresa. I heard once that is used to have a dome.
Michael Leonardelli, 34, from Austria, wrote:
We have now started to renew the website of Schloss Schoenbrunn and added lots of information. So if you want to know anything about the castles history or revisit the castle or the gardens I would invite you to We will also provide information about current events and in the near future extend the site thematically.
Ana Julia, 24, from Venezuela, wrote:
Review: Last July , I went to Europe, and one of the most wonderful countries I visited was Austria. There are many wonderful places to meet , but the Schönbrunn Palace is really amazing. Only all gardens are beautiful, you can stay all day only knowing the gardens. Of course the tour inside the Palace is very interesting and amazing too. I love this place, and of course I'll go back!!!
Tom Langley, 53, from Midwest USA, wrote:
Set aside a whole day for Schonbrunn Palace. Don't rush it!! Make sure it's a nice day to be outside because you will not want to miss the park and grounds surrounding it. One of the things we enjoyed most was the Butterfly House near the park's zoo
Sue Bellmer, 43, from USA, wrote:
The most striking thing that comes to mind about this palace is the incredible history that took place within its walls. Mozart performed there, Marie Antoinette grew up there, Napoleon lived there, Kennedy and Kruschev signed a peace treaty there. The grounds were beautiful and we didn't have any where near enough time to see all that we wanted to.
Michael von Thurn und Thaxis, 21, from Cape Town, South Africa, wrote:
CI was disappointed with Schonbrunn at first, only because I have been to Versailles and Tsarskoe Selo, but nevertheless it is a beautiful place and a much more homely environment than the other two which are far more grand. If I were a monarch it would be my choice of residence rather than the overly ostentatious Versailles. Well worth a visit and tour.
Hannah, 21, from Lexington, Ky, wrote:
My friends and I stopped in Vienna for only one day during a 3-week trek from Athens, Greece to London, England. We intended on touring the entire city, but once we arrived at Schonbrunn, we had no desire to move on. It was a few days before Christmas and I was getting very homesick. There was a Christmas market with festive booths set up in front of the castle. Best of all, Bing Crosby's Christmas album was playing from loudspeakers. This was heaven on earth for this homesick girl that hadn't been in America in over 3 months. Thank you, Schonbrunn!
Gerry Meier, 40, from Missouri., wrote:
Schoenbrunn was the home of the former rulers of the Austrian empire, Hapsburgs. The architecture and furnishings are gorgeous and the grounds are beautiful. There are manicured and sculpted gardens to roam in and even a zoo, one of the oldest in Europe. Definitely worth the trip.
Kamila, age 17, from Maryland wrote:
Review: Truly a royal palace. Most of the new decorating of this magnificent palace was done by Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria. She was the mother of Marie Antionette ( who later became the wife of King Louis XVI of France. There in France she was guillotined for treason, along with Louis XVI). The palace is definitely a great work of art. .It is elaborate in it's paintings and extravagant furniture. The rooms were of great size and very beautifully decorated focusing on the color gold.

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