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Basic Info

Name: Gravensteen
Location: Ghent
Country: Belgium

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Visitor Accounts

Nell Van Vooren, over 40, from Alabama USA, wrote:
Fabulous! Nothing to compare it to here in the US. Old and absolutely dripping with history. I loved every minute in it, around it and even looking at it from far away. Like going back in time. I am going back really soon!!
Traci, 21, from Belgium, wrote:
I just recently visited The Gent Castle and out of all the castles I have seen, this one was most interesting. At the top of the main towers was were they use to hang people. The castle was like it was apart of a movie because at he end of the tour, there was a museum that had blades, swords, and torture beds. They had the original blade that was used to cut off heads, and a bed that would manually stretch the prisoners body. There was a collar with spikes on the inside that was used to torture the prisoners and original blades that were used to cut of feet or hands. It's a must see castle and the city is beautiful. Just 30 minutes toward Antwerp there is also a city named Saint Nicolas, Which in the middle of the town there is a Beautiful castle that has been turned in to a romantic park/restaurant, which I believe is a must see.
Dr. Thomas F. Schlaf, from South Carolina, USA, wrote.
In 1978, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit this awesome castle on a business/pleasure trip to Europe. The massive structure was fascinating as it included so many of the original furnishings. One of my most sobering moments was when I entered the chambers that were equipped with a variety of torture devices from stretching racks to spiked coffins and items for manual use. The sobering aspect of this was the realization that much of the torture meted out was meted out on fellow Christians just because their beliefs were different from those of other Christians. I hope that anyone that has the opportunity to visit this site will renew their resolve to make love for their fellow man the rule of their life as Jesus taught 2000 years ago
Len, 38, from USA wrote:
Wonderfully located in the middle of Gent near many shops, restaurants, and cafe's. Almost every room is accessible for those who are willing to climb and descend through the small corridors. Near the end of the self-guided tour is a room where a gentleman plays a harp He is outstanding, and I bought a tape from him. I recommend parking on the “other” side of the “moat” from the castle. You are not likely to find a close parking spot on the Castle side.
Michael Morrison, age 55, wrote:
Sanitary systems almost nonexistent. Small but, interesting museum. In the middle of downtown Ghent.

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