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Casa Loma
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Casa Loma

Basic Info

Name: Casa Loma
Location: Toronto
Country: Canada

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Photos provided by Lee Mittelstadt

Toronto's Majestic Castle, Casa Loma. The former home of Canadian financier, Sir Henry Pellatt. Canada's foremost castle complete with decorated suites, secret passages, an 800 foot underground tunnel, towers, stables and beautiful 5 acres estate gardens, all in a 98 room castle. Open daily 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Self-guided audio tour in 8 languages, included with admission.

Visitor Accounts

Brandon Stoutenburg, 20, Canada, wrote:
Castle Loma is a wonderful site to visit for anyone, who plan's to visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has four towers that look out over Lake Ontario, as well as the big city of Toronto. You can find anything you want at this wonderful site: such as a well kept dungeon, beautiful bedrooms that are in mint condition, and a throne room that could top some of the more famous castles. I strongly suggest visiting this magnificent site.
Scott Martin, 15, from Wentzville, MO, wrote:
I've been to Casa Loma and it was the best. The best part of the castle was the self guided tour with the tape and the head phones. The garden was really cool, and so was the phone system. The castle had more phone lines than the local operators. Also the castle had an under ground passage under the high-way and it lead to the stables and they had a collection of horse buggies.
Pellat, from Canada, wrote:
I'm a Pellatt, and after visiting Casa Loma, I really felt amazed. Much like everyone else. But there was a difference. I had read countless books on the subject, and being having Sir Henry Mill Pellatt as my great grandfathers cousin gave it a bit more of an impact. I look at websites on Casa Loma in my free time, and it hurts to learn about what it went through, and how little it was recognized.
Gordie Hanna, 16, from Ontario, Canada, wrote:
I went to Casa Loma on a school trip once and it is a fantastic house. It is a representation of a Scottish castle, and not over 100 years old. It is great piece of Canadian history. There is lots of neat things to do and see in the castle like secret passageways, beautiful rooms, and towers. It is really neat to see the lifestyle of Sir Henry Pellatt, even if it was for only a decade. I highly recommend that you take half a day to tour it, and that you go to it if your in the Toronto area..
Brian Menard, 33, from Michigan, wrote:
Casa Loma is the first Castle I've ever visited and will remain my favorite because of that fact. It is an opulent structure, but is still homey nonetheless. Naturally, there are parts of the castle that are cold and impersonal. but the majority of it is warm and inviting. Some of the corridors are used in the action-film The X-Men, so there is a way to preview it with just a movie rental if you wish. Please visit the place though, for it is wondrous and speaks of a time when chivalry was not scoffed at, men could truly be heroes and corporations didn't run everything.
Joe Gibbsonn, from Ohio, wrote:
Casa Loma is the only real castle I've been to, and I think that it had magnificent gardens and a great overlook of the city in the far distance. The inside of the castle was very lavished and very beautiful. I strongly recommend going to Casa Loma esp. if you're in the Toronto, Canada area.
Sherry Zayik, 34, from Canada, wrote:
I remember visiting Casa Loma when I was a child. My family and I use to travel to Ontario and always stopped there. I could never get enough of seeing that castle. It has been such a long time and I look forward to showing my children the great pleasure I had visiting that castle. I recommend Casa Loma to anyone.
Viktoriya, from Baltimore, MD, wrote:
This is one of the coolest castles I've ever been to. It's very beautiful, and elegant. I was also surprised to see that they had some very common household items, and some of the technology, they had you wouldn't even normally see in a house. They had a telephone in practically every room, which was odd b/c the telephone was a new invention back then, and cost lot's of money. Also they had an elevator, which was built by Sir. Henry for his wife who was very sick. The item i was most surprised that they owned was a pool table, I can't imagine people playing pool, in those nice fancy clothes that they always wear, it's just really weird. For some reason in their backyard, they had a big bell, I don't know why, or what it was used for, but I just thought that it was a little weird to have a bell in the backyard, me personally, I would never put a bell in any part of my house in fact. The only sad part of this castle that I encountered, was that it was sad to hear, that Sir Henry had to give up all his riches and give away his beautiful home, after becoming bankrupt, after the government took over his electric company.

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