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Basic Info

Name Chateu Frontenac
Location: Old Quebec
Country: Canada

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Photo provided by Louis-Martin Carrière

Visitor Accounts

Keven, 18, from Montreal, wrote:
The château Frontenac is very beautiful! I often go to Québec city but I only went once to this castle when I was a child and I realize how much it is a wonder. My dream when I was there was to go at the last level and look in a window. But the only problem is that it's an hotel this castle and more it's high, more it is expensive to stay there. I was imagining in my mind: where is the king? I live here in the province of Quebec and I'm happy to be a french guy, for me, this castle is very nice for our Quebecer society, it's beautiful, historical, old, and … In the first level of Frontenac castle, there are a lot of little shop very nice but they sell expensive. It's only because us we have these things but for the tourists it's very amazing! So, take care and this site is very well.
Samantha, from Texas wrote:
It was beautiful! They didn't to try to modify it too much either. The elevators still had old buttons and decorated doors. And it had the most magnificent view of the St. Lawrence Bay. Built around a tough wall separates Quebec from old Quebec. Many other things where magnificent. The shops downstairs, the pool, the sun deck, and the lovely French !!! The list goes on and on. You must go there !!!


marc, 2018/04/27 13:44

this is a great castle

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