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Basic Info

Name: Konopiste
Location: Near Prague
Country: Czech Republic

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Konopiste castle was founded by the Benesovec family in the forested region of the valley of the River Sazava in 1300. It is a mature sample of the type of medieval fortification architecture represented by the French conception of a castle, a wholly unique building in this country. Its rectangular ground plan was divided into a larger outer bailey in the west and the inner castle in the eastern part. Seven round towers lined the periphery of the fortification walls. After 1500 the residential palace wing was modified.
In the early 17th century the outer bailey was adapted in Renaissance style. A radical change in the appearance of the castle came about at the end of the first quarter of the 18th century, when Konopiste was converted into a Baroque chateau after a design by Kanka. Its towers were lowered at the same time, The final chapter of the buildings architectural history is connected with the name Ferninand d'Est

The chateau chapel. A part of the collections of Late Gothic art and furnishings is housed in its interior.
The banquet hall with rich Rococo decoration.

Visitor Accounts

José Mulder, 15, from Holland, wrote:
I went to Konopiste last summer and I really loved it. In this castle they have a very large weapon chamber, tour no 1.You should really visit this castle because it is an very nice environment and you can really feel the spirit of the medieval
Martin Allaire, 29, from Canada wrote:
This castle is really great and there is something for everybody. Very large garden, thousands of hunting trophies, one of the biggest arms collection in the world, great interior still as it was when Ferdinand got shot in 1914. Out of the 3 tours, make sure you take tour #3 that is the visit of Ferdinand's private rooms. Great place, I will go again!
Olav Thue, 38, from Norway, wrote:
My family were there last summer! As the only English speaking guest at the time we got our own guide and we loved it! She told us a lot about Franz Ferdinands life and especially his love for hunting. We got to see the prince' hunting trophies and his collection of medieval arms, This guy practically lived in a museum until he was shot dead in Sarajevo in 1914. Defiantly worth a visit!

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