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Basic Info

Name: Cesky Krumlov
Location: Cesky Krumlov
Country: Czech Republic

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Visitor Accounts

John, from USA, wrote:
This is a great castle with two different tours you can take. It also has an enormous garden and a revolving theatre in the gardens that they have plays in all summer.
Kathy Pawelek, 52, Central Oregon, wrote:
An outstanding example of a Medieval Castle. My husband and I found it to be the highlight of our trip to Eastern Europe. We found the castle, the 2nd largest castle in Bohemia after Prague, to be architecturally complex and varied and well worth exploring. The town of Cesky Krumlov is situated in a crook of the Vltava River. The castle and many of the town buildings dating from the 13th century are still in use today. We were fortunate to stay at the Va Vesi pension only several blocks from the Castle itself. The pension is located in the only remaining medieval bastion tower, part of the original castle fortifications. I felt like Rapunzal in her tower.

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