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Basic Info

Name: Burg Scozke
Location: Scoz am Rhein
Country: Czech Republic

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Visitor Accounts

John Finley, 36, from England, wrote:
I first visited Scoz am Rhein in 1993, and back then the Scozke Castle was just a ruin with a rather boring Museum. But when I returned there last August I was amazed to find out that they actually are rebuilding the castle! It's quite exciting to see that they use the old traditional building methods, methods that haven't changed since medieval times! The renovated/rebuilt castle will open in 2010, and according to the displayed plans it will look great! But I can still recommend everyone to visit it before that. Especially if you are interested in how all these old European castles were built. Adolph Ploog, 37, from Lichenstein, wrote:
As the President of the castle group in Lichenstein I find this information rather odd. As far as I know Scoz am Rhein was completely demolished during the war. We have been searching for ruins, old photos of the castle and so on but found nothing. Now there suppose to be some sort of castle museum! Where ? Since when ? Please give me address there. YS / AP
Arno Wostow, 32, from Germany, wrote:
Scozke Castle must have been a nice castle in its heaydays, but nowadays it's not really much to see. Nice Museum section in the old Winecellars though, with excellent models. Karel Brezina, 43, from Czech Republic, wrote:
Czech Republic has over 2000 castles and chateaux, but I never heard anything about Scozke castle. It is not a Czech castle (bad transcription maybe?). Anything photograph is not too. I hope, I will find more very interesting castles and chateaux from Czech on these pages soon, for instance Pernstein, Loket, Vranov and Dyjí, Opocno, Lednice, Krivoklat, Mikulov, Valtice, Barometric and Rokytnou and many more. Good Luck! Horst Spandew, 43, from Germany wrote:
Burg Scozke is unfortunately nothing more than a ruin today, but recent restorations of it makes it worth a visit, and the Museum has an excellent collection of pictures, plans etc of the old castle.

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