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Basic Info

Name: Spielbergh
Location: Brno
Country: Czech Republic

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Visitor Accounts

Marc Steenbergen, 33, from South of the Netherlands, wrote:
I work in the Czech republic a lot and I liked BRNO. The Castle is really use and has about 4 walls, it also takes something like 45 minutes to walk around it and was built in the early 13th century. The castle is in the city center on top of a hill and offers some really nice views of the countryside. There is also a restaurant outside which looks not too greatly but offers great food at very low prices. (Czechs make less than $380,- a month on average: (Because of the huge rebuilding and investments going on, the Czech republic is still a bit behind but modernizing very quickly. If you were here a few years ago you will be surprised by the refurbishing that went on. The easiest place to stay would be the best western hotel international (not the cheapest) just across the street. Great restaurant there if you like caviar and chateuneuf du pape at affordable prices. The great thing about the Czech republic is that everything that looks old is really old. (not like Germany were a lot had to be rebuilt after WW2, sorry Germans)
Pete, 44, from Idaho, wrote:
Visited Brno on a day trip from Vienna in June 2000. Spielberk was a destination and one of the few “tourist” things to do in the city of Brno. Steep walk to the top and a small admission fee to take a self-guided (in English) tour of the former prison cells from olden times and few remnants of the local Nazi headquarters in World War II. Not terribly interesting but if we had skipped it….and the surrounding park also provided nice views of the city.

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