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Basic Info

Name: Aydon
Location: Northumberland
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Kristy Brown, 20, from England, wrote:
Aydon Castle stands in an attractive wooded landscape, overlooking the steep valley of the Cor Burn in Aydon, near Corbridge, Northumberland. The castle is located here due to a good defensive position on the top of a hill situated on the banks of a river, and there is also good water supply from underground springs.
Aydon Castle is said to be one of the most finest examples of an English 13th Century manor house. Visitors can trace details of a minor Baron's household at the time of Edward I and II. They can see the grand hall, chamber's, service rooms, stables, the kitchen and servants' accommodation.
The castle was originally a wooden barional hall built by Hugh de Reymes, a member of a rich merchant family. His son Robert, rebuilt the hall in stone and the purpose was as an undefended house during the time of peace in the Borders.
The original plan of Aydon Castle came from Halton Castle, which is Aydon's sister castle, situated close by. As the peace ended in the Borders in 1305, the house had to be then fortified to protect the 'de Reymes' family from the ravages of Border warfare and to do this, permission had to be gained by Edward I.
In 1315, it was burnt and pillaged by the Scots. Two years later, it was seized by English rebels and modifications and frequent repairs underwent. Only a little amount of alterations have occured and even today, the original mediaeval toilets still exist.
In the 17th century, the Canaby and Collinson families bought the castle and converted it into a farmhouse, which remained until 1966. Today, the farmhouse remains on the outskirts of the castle walls and most recently, the castle was made famous as it hosted the scenes from the lavishly produced film, Elizabeth.
Kirsty Brown, 20, from England wrote:
A small but great castle situated deep in the countyside, in the county of Northumberland. You can still get a feel of history here and see how the Lord of the manor lived and also his servants. A great day out.

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