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Basic Info

Name: Lincoln
Location: Lincoln
Country: England

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Visitor Accounts

Rick Baldwin, 36, from Washington, DC, USA, wrote:
While on temporary military duty in the UK I visited Lincoln Castle. It was a great experience, to see a copy of the Magna Carte, one of four in existence. The other gear experience was reading the prison logs and diaries of prisoners and then seeing were some of them were buried in Lucy Tower. If in the UK Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral are a must see.
Dean Moncaster, 22, from England, wrote:
Just an ammendment to Sean 12 of USA's Statement, the castle was built in 1068 (the starting of building it anyway) and so was not built in the 13th century but infact the 11th.
Richard Brothwell, from England, wrote:
Lincoln Castle is a very interesting place full of my family history. My 3x great uncle Henry Carey was executed there in 1859 and is buried in the Lucy Tower. His brother Joseph Carey (my 2x great grandfather) had a stay in the prison(1864), before been transported to Western Australia in 1867. It`s well worth a visit to Lincoln.
Dean Moncaster, 21 , from England, wrote:
I live only 25 miles away from the castle, and I have to say this is one of the most gorgeous castles I know. If you are going to visit this you have to sit on the cannons out side and walk around the perimeter of the castle walls. If you are going to visit the castle go to the cathedral also. These two places are just magnificent.
Sean, 12, from USA, wrote:
Lincoln castle was made in the 13th century. It is a very nice castle and everybody should have seen it at least once.
Gerard, 44, from California, wrote:
A very interesting castle used for convicts later transported to Australia. The Chapel is most bizarre. Much information on the conditions and diet of prisoners at the time. Also, a copy of the Magna Carte, one of four in existence. Great presentation and contrast between freedom and human rights verses the appalling lack of these liberties during the 18th and 19th century. First time I've seen a castle with a theme.
Amy, 19, from Texas, wrote:
I think that Lincoln castle was thoroughly an enjoyable experience we reviewed this castle for coursework and found out many interesting facts about the Castles History! I'll never see it the same again!
Katherine nickoll, 21, from U.K. wrote:
I'm not sure what criteria one regards when reviewing a castle, depends upon aesthetic theory I 'suppose, but… Lincoln has a great castle. Its Norman, which makes for nice arches and sits atop of the hill drawing the eye more readily than the gothic overstated cathedral. A walk around the ramparts is lovely on a spring/summer's day. the views of the cathedral and the town and surrounding countryside are excellent. The magna carta exhibition is a brilliant example of a postmodern museum:- 'hands on' so to speak. There are lawns for picnics and chilling' too! The castle also has to seen by night, from castle square, and the view from Hungate, and also filed with Christmas shoppers, carol singers and festive excitement and the Christmas market, when a German style market fills the grounds.
J. Kolessar, from USA, wrote:
Great Castle. Good example of early English building techniques. I especially enjoyed the prisoners chapel in the jail. We had a good time locking each other into the pews. The grounds were well kept and overall it was an enjoyable experience.

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