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Basic Info

Name: Orford
Location: Suffolk
Country: England

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This castle was built by Henry II (1154-1189) to strengthen his royal authority., it was begun in 1165 and completed in 1173. Located on the Suffolk coast, Orford was designed to control the British port. The surviving structure gives us a rare look at the polygonal keep, an unusual shape for this period.

Visitor Accounts

Pamela, 30, from USA, wrote:
I had visited the Orford Castle in the year 2000 and was so impressed with its structure and the beautiful setting in the background overlooking the river, Havergate Island, and the sea. The area is full of nice people and wonderful architecture. I love interior design so this unique Castle has given me the opportunity to incorporate some history into my home. I feel especially close to the castle and area too since I have married on of the people in town making the castle and area even more special. Wishes do come true…if you believe.
Luke Barker, 15, from Suffolk,England, wrote:
I went on a field trip with my school as part of a piece of coursework and I found out some amazing things. The castle was paid for by Hugh Bigod as a fine. There is a dungeon which is no longer accessible. It is a garrison which means it is a defend and attacking castle. It was also used to let king Henry II stay there. There used to be a huge curtain wall which was 10/15 meters high and stretched across town. You'll be disappointed if you don't go.
Jack, 16, from Suffolk, England, wrote:
My name is Jack, I currently live in Orford. When ever I talk to my friends about where I live, the first thing they mention is “Orford Castle”. The castle has given Orford it's reputation, it's the main tourist attraction of the village and one of the main tourist attractions of Suffolk and England. The castle has been brilliantly preserved and is in very good condition. The interior is very clean and pleasant, offering information and beauty. The tour through the castle is ended with the view from the top, and it is simply breath taking. You can see the whole village at its best. I very much recommend a trip to Orford Castle, very interesting. Orford is a great place to have a day out, not only is there the castle, there are many walks and other sight seeing events such as the church, which has some amazing architecture in it. There are the fish restaurants, which are very multi-famous, and many, many other things.
Liz, 17, from USA, wrote:
I lived in Orford for three years when I was younger, and the thing that stands out the most in my mind is always the castle. I grew up playing in the moat and searching for pebbles around it . . . great place, isolated, and with beautiful surrounding scenery. Wonderful for photos, also. I adore it, and plan to go back some day.
Gary Rogers, 52, from Boise, Idaho, wrote:
I was drawn to Orford because of the unique design. It is situated out in the country away from any rail line. My wife and I had to take a taxi the last seven miles. The isolation worked to our advantage; we had the place all to ourselves the whole time we were there. The castle is in very good shape inside and out considering it is 835 years old. It is remarkably easy to photograph because the outer walls fell down centuries ago. If you have enough time for a side trip to this little keep, you will not be disappointed.

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