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Name:Hame Castle
Location:Hameen Linna

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Häme Castle is one of Finland's medieval royal castles. It is believed to have been built at the end of the 13th century, following Earl Birger of Sweden's crusade to Häme (Tavastia).

During the Middle Ages the original fortified camp was built into a residential castle for its commandant. In the 18th century a third story was built and curtain wall buildings were erected around the edifice. The red brick used by the builders dominates the outward appearance.

The castle served as a prison from 1837 to 1972. As the prison functions were gradually abandoned, research and restoration work began under the state's supervision. The work was completed in 1988.

The main castle is now presented as a historical monument. The castle houses the “Terra Tavestorum” exhibition, which relates the prehistory of Häme. There are also temporary exhibitions. In the castle there is a restaurant available by advance booking, a summer café and facilities for hire for meetings and celebrations.

Visitor Accounts

Tii-Maria Siitonen, 31, from Finland wrote:
The castle is Hämeen Linna, but the town around it is called Hämeenlinna. There is a interesting museum near the castle, a prison museum! I found it very exciting and I highly recommend it to the castle visitors.

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