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Name: Amboise
Location: Loire Valley
Country: France

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Amboise was first part of the possessions of the counts of Anjou. and then belong to the famous house of Amboise From 1431 on the castle belonged to the Crown. The chateau d'Amboise was no longer a fortress but a royal residence and Amboise became the residence of the queen and her children. Catherine de Medici loved Amboise and lived there. The queen, who died there in 1483, was always surrounded by a large court as befitted her rank. She has almost 150 persons at her service.

The two spiral turrets, the Minimes tower and the Hurtault tower, were important architectural innovations.

As for the decoration, it was originally of French inspiration but latter profited from the collaboration of the Flemish artists and, after the return of the Italian expedition of 1495, of Italian artists. The furnishings were luxurious, Flemish and French tapestries, Damask curtains and Turkish carpets.

View of the royal apartments from the garden.

The Hall of the State General, Henry II's Great quantities of stone were brought in to complete the buildings.

The In1974 the Saint-Louis Foundation took over the administration of the castle and now continues to carry out the restoration which was began at the end of the last war.

Visitor Accounts

Matthieu, 16, from USA, wrote:
I love Amboise why first thing I was born there in the village and the town is so pretty I love the whole medieval feeling of it so go to Amboise.
Joe, 19, from Texas, wrote:
This was a very bone chilling castle. Once you walked into the house it was like going back into time. You thought about what went on and how stuff happened. When you here the stories that went on there, and you start to recognize its real beauty! this place was a wonderful experience!!!! I highly recommended it! has nice view of the town and the pond/lake thing.
Nicole Landau, 13, from Paris, FR. wrote:
My family and I traveled from Paris to Ambois Castle and fell in love. We stayed with the Saint-Brises in the lovely castle itself, for my parents are acquaintances of theirs. I was absolutely dumbfounded with the architecture and amazing detailed materials used in all the halls and rooms. I stayed my night in the prince's chamber, and I couldn't' get to sleep at all because of the whispers and rushes of cold coming in from the nursery and halls! Incredible paranormally active presences graced my chamber and my sister's. This however added so much fun to my visit, for I went back in time. I loved it, and recommend this highly to everyone.
Bonny, 18, from Australia, wrote:
Walking down to Amboise Castle from da Vinci's home, Clos Luce, is a dream. The castle is a strange structure, quite bitsy and unpredictable. The royal apartments inside are gorgeous, and contain several tapestries and pieces of original furniture. It is a very quiet, calm place, and I can imagine that the anecdotes of haunting are quite true. The castle's chapel, da Vinci's resting place, is intimate and lovely; the frieze of animals over its doorway is splendid. A vast view over the river is offered from the battlements behind, and another of the township from the walls at the front. There is a delicious patisserie and confectionary shop across the road.
Suzanne Hromada, 32,from New York, wrote:
Amboise was stunning. Perched above the city this castle's design has many unique features. There is an enclosed exit/entryway that is in a spiral form without the stairs- just a smooth stone walkway spiraling downward. In medieval times this was used for people that were on horseback, making it much easier on the horses to travel up & down to the castle. When walking down it, I noticed on the walls, as in so many other castles, medieval Graffiti! Peoples names written with dates such as 1561, etc.
Liliana Ramos, 20, from Mexico, wrote:
I think this Castle is a dream for people who love medieval life or who think they have been there before, maybe in another life. Creo que este Castillo es un sueño para quienes aman la edad media o quienes creen haber estado ahí antes, tal vez… en otra vida.
Marcel Vincent, 16, from USA, wrote:
It was a very magnificent castle, though it had allot of supernatural activity. I thought it was haunted.
Sam, from Midwest USA, wrote:
I love Amboise, the grounds, and the town it sits within. There is much to see within walking distance, including Clos Luce, the home of Leonardo Da Vinci before he moved into Amboise.
Da Vinci's tomb is on the castle grounds. From the top of the horseman's tower of Amboise you can see much of the town of Amboise, it is beautiful.
Courtney McNair, 16, from Texas, USA, wrote:
I believe that the Amboise Castle definitely has a certain creepy air looming around it (metaphorically…). Due to the massacre in the medieval times, Amboise Castle is home to many tales of horror and revenge.
J.D.Burleson, 21, from USA, wrote:
I think this castle is very interesting in it's own way. It has a certain gothic look about it that no other castle in France does. The only reason I don't like the castle is because it is right near the town and there is not a lot of privacy.
Elisha Lawrence, 15, from USA wrote:
I think this castle is very unique and interesting. The scenic view looks very pretty.
William Buchan, 15, from England wrote:
This castle is owned by the Saint-Brise family. It is a very interesting castle where Leonardo Di Vinci lived at a point in his life

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