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Azay le Rideau
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Azay le Rideau

Basic Info

Name: Azay le Rideau
Location: River Indre
Country: France

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Visitor Accounts

Sherrill, from New York State, USA, wrote:
I visited Azay le Rideau many years ago when I was a teenager travelling in the Loire Valley with my family. Of all the chateaux we saw on that trip, it is the beautiful Azay le Rideau I cherish in memory. I am going to put up your aerial view as wallpaper on my computer! Thanks so much for bringing it all back.
Ethan, 22, from Virginia, wrote:
No, it isn't as big as Chenonceau. And the gardens don't compare to Villandry. But the charm of this place is incredible! Every room was beautifully decorated, and the landscaped grounds made me wish I had been there in the chateau's prime. A wonderful and memorable place.
Brittany, 15, from New Lenox, wrote:
Azay le Rideau is a pretty nice castle. though it doesn't stand out as much as the other popular ones do, it is still recognizable and very attractive to the eye.
Daniel, 44, from Atlanta wrote:
As difficult as it is to compare Azay le Rideau with the larger castles like Chenonceau and Chambord, its setting alone made it a standout for us on a recent visit. The village that surrounds it was one of the most picture-perfect of any on our five country tour, and the castle itself is in a gorgeous setting. To be honest, I liked it better than Chambord!
Maxshay, 24, from USA, wrote:
When my family and visited the Azay Le Rideau it took my breath away. It was amazing. The architecture was astonishing. I have always dreamed of visiting a castle, especially this one. I wished I could have stayed there longer. I hope I can visit there again soon.
KGM 46, from Maine, wrote:
Azay le Rideau is a Fairy Tale castle from the outside. The interior is not as spectacular, except for an Italian marble staircase, because it is not furnished. I really felt that that detracted from the overall impression of the castle.
Sergio Marulanda, 24, from, Colombia, wrote:
Azay le Rideau is a precious castle. It is not the most famous in France compared to Chenonceau or Cahmbord, but it certainly has its charms. It breaths history. In my opinion it is a medieval house. It is not that big, but still has the arquitecture typical of any of its peers in France. If you are in the Loire Valley it, don't miss it.

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