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Country: France

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Visitor Accounts

Jacques et Bernard, 27, from USA, wrote:
We visited this castle and several others in the Loire valley, but the Cheverny was our absolute favorite. I loved the dogs and the feeding, along with the architecture and unique paintings.
Rob Jones, from Canada, wrote:
After visiting many of the other Loire Castles, I almost skipped this one…but was certainly glad I didn't. The Chateau is filled with the original furnishings and is inhabited by the descendants of the original family. This Chateau ended up being my favourite from the Loire Valley
Andrea Neault, 41, from Pacific Northwest, USA, wrote:
When my husband and I visited Cheverny we were invited to watch the dogs being fed. This was amazing as they fed them whole sides of raw horsemeat, and witnessed several dogs devouring them at once. We enjoyed the trophy room and all of the armor, and the rose marble fireplace is a must see.

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