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Basic Info

Name: Fougeres
Location: Fougeres, Brittany
Country: France

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This is a very fine castle with all the traditional accoutrements; towers, battlement, a moat and three lines of curtain walls. It is very well preserved.

The castle occupies a loop in the River Nancon, which serves as a moet. Five towers stud the outer curtain wall, which has musket loops as well as arrow slits, and a gun platform for cannon. The tour Melusine is the most splendid of these towers with walls 3.5 meters thick.

The castle gives visitors a great feeling of the Middle Ages, in a setting of considerable beauty.

Visitor Accounts

Joseph George, 13, from England, wrote:
I When I visited Fougeres Castle with my school I thought it was wonderful, I especially loved climbing the Tallest Keep, and justr looking around, I would definitely go there again
Enrico Campi, 25, from Ireland wrote:
It's the biggest medieval castle in Europe, and not only, it's beautiful!

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