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Basic Info

Name: Loches
Country: France

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Visitor Accounts

Teresa, 17, from New England, wrote:
Last year, I visited several castles in France, among them Versailles, Loches, and Chenonceau. Out of all of them, Loches was my favorite. The simplicity of its medieval architecture was quite refreshing after the grandeur and excessive ornamentation of some of the other castles. Loches is simple, but very beautiful. It's surrounded by trees, bushes, creeping ivy, and sprays of flowers. From the entrance of the castle, there is a magnificent view of the town below. There are also some rather interesting dungeons. All in all, it's a wonderful place to visit and great for taking pictures at. In addition, there are clean, functioning bathrooms inside the castle for tourists to use—a must for any traveler.

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