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Basic Info

Name: Pierrefonds
Country: France

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Information and pictures provided by: Ina Ange

It is an example of medieval military architecture. Pierrefonds and the lake are dominated by the breath-taking silhouette of the Louis D'Orleans Chateau. Dismantled by Louis XIII then restored by Viollet-Le-Duc at the request of Napoleon III.

Visitor Accounts

Phil, 26, from Paris, wrote:
One of the most massive middle age style castles I've ever got to visit. Compares with Neuschwanstein (Germany) and Haut Königsbourg (France). Even though this castle was completely restored in the 19 century and was never occupied (except for three days by emperor Napoleon the third) it massive and was recreated in the gothic middle age style. Two thumbs up.
Charlie, 51, from Michigan USA, wrote:
Visited on 03/10/2001. It's ominous presence looms over the little village an hour and a half north of Paris. The fairy tail looking castle reinforces ones mental image of what they should look like. Our subway/train/bus trip from Paris rewarded us with the momentary step back in time. The guided tour is French so being American only offered us the self tour. The English translated brochure doesn't help in navigating the castle just make sure to try every stair, hallway and door as more magic awaits. It's the first one I've ever seen and will remain an image in my mind forever.
Tom Drake, 56, from Delaware, USA, wrote:
I visited Pierrefonds on 04-12-2001. This is a spectacular chateau/castle with a hulking presence above the village and countryside. My favorite room
was the Great Room with the twin hearths. My favorite view is up the stairway to the statue of the big winged Lion. Look carefully about halfway up the stairs and you will be rewarded with seeing sea shell fossils in the stair tread. The statue of Ste. Michael slaying the dragon, in the chapel, is a twin of the one surmounting Mont Saint Michael and was constructed at the same time. I was very lucky to have a gentleman who lives in Amiens as my as my host. He was very informative about the Picardy region.
Claire, 17, from England, wrote:
I visited this castle in 2000 on a family vacation. I have to say that we came across it by pure chance. It was not in any of the local campsite brochures. It quite took my breath away as I first saw it through the trees on my way and my younger sister remarked on it being sleeping beauty's castle. It's beautiful stance and inside decoration makes you forget that this castle was in fact used for war the cannon balls neatly lodged into it's walls tell you this. The castle is a lot larger than anything we have in England and it seemed less visited. We also by chance bumped into a French professor who was able to give us more facts about the castle than the brochures were. Well worth a visit if you ever visit near it. It was my first view of a castle of it's kind and the structure will forever stay in my mind. My only regret is that I do not live close enough to visit it regally.
Anita Anthony, 52, from Oklahoma, USA, wrote:
I visited Pierrefonds in July, 1997, with one of my former exchange students. The castle is really beautiful-almost a fairy tale castle! The tour we took was a little disappointing only in that we saw so little of the inside of the castle. On the other hand, what we did see was wonderful! My favorite room was once used as Napoleon's bedroom. The walls looked as if they were covered by wallpaper but on closer inspection, we saw that they were hand-painted! It was very colorful and lovely in its way. The views from the windows were gorgeous!! We were told that Napoleon had to choose between Pierrefonds and Coucy-le-Chateau to rebuild and he finally decided on Pierrefonds. (I also visited the ruins of Coucy-le-Chateau and it would have been wonderful also.) The grounds of Pierrefonds are beautiful and one could imagine the carriages driving up the wooded roadway towards the entrance gate! Inside, there are some lovely antique furniture pieces that can be touched, sat on, etc. unlike some of the other castles in France that I visited. It is a great castle–I hope you get a chance to visit it someday!

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