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Basic Info

Name: Chateau of Usse
Country: France

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The Chateau of Usse, an extremely old fortress was reconstructed in the 15th C (1485). From 1807 to 1813 Usse was the home of the Duchess of Duras, Chateaubriand's friend.

Visitor Accounts

Amanda, 13, from Texas, wrote:
Usse was changed from a fortress (drawbridge, towers, and battlements) in the 17th century when main building at the north was destroyed, giving a beautiful view of the Loire, and terraces. Charles Perrault took the inspiration from Usse (the chateau of dreams) when writing “Sleeping Beauty.” Usse has a chapel on the edge of the forest. The chapel is a Gothic to Renaissance style architecture that can be seen in this region
Crystal Steward, 16, from Southern USA, wrote:
The Usse is located in the edge of the Chinon forest overlooking the Indre Valley. It was built in the 15-16th century. Also, it is styled after Medieval Renaissance architecture and is made of 3 main buildings.
Niki Suter, 15, from Australia, wrote:
Chateau D' Ussee is the castle also known as sleeping beauty's castle. This dazzling masterpiece stands impressively over the Indre Valley. It is situated on 12 hectares (the castle itself is 600meters squared)1200 miles south of Paris. D'Ussee is well known for the Kings gardens which were designed by Le Notre and for its dramatic spiral staircase. Visiting the chateau D'Ussee is a breath taking experience. Its romanticism will have every visitor wanting more.
Matt Cowley, 25, from SLC, Utah, USA, wrote:
Usse is a beautiful, well kept castle set against a beautiful wooded hill. Called “Sleeping Beauty's” castle, it is filled with scenes from the fairy tale. Although much of it is closed, the tour does let you see all of the integral parts, form the kitchens to the turrets

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