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Basic Info

Name: Eltz
Location: On The River Elzbach Moselkem
Country: Germany

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Built between the twelve and sixteenth centuries Burg Eltz is like a fairy tale, with its spires, towers, graceful lines and mysterious forest settings. It is located on the Elzbach River.

Postcard from 1920 given by John Keyton

Visitor Accounts

Mindy, 18, from Idaho, US, wrote:
I've had the oportunity to visit Burg Eltz, it was incredible! Neuschwanstein is a great fairytale castle, but Burg Eltz gives you a realistic idea of what a wealthy castle was like. The cool thing is that the family still owns it! It is awesome to see in real life. Don't miss it!
Scott, 42, from Midwest USA, wrote:
We had a wonderful visit to the burg Eltz this past summer (2000). it is one of our favorite castles visited on our trip. we had sort of an adventure finding the castle, but enjoyed our wanderings around the German country-side
Becky, 29, from California, wrote:
We visited this castle among many others (apx 20) while on my honeymoon in Germany a few years ago. I admit that it is nice, and somewhat conveniently located off the Rhine, but there were others we enjoyed more. I think because we stayed in a lot of castles, and got to really explore them – this one offers only the guided tour, and limited self exploration, so we didn't get the “feel” of it like the others. Even so, it is extremely charming: small but delightful.
Anna, 12, from USA, wrote:
This castle was a really neat sight to behold. I visited this castle when I was 3 and since then I have longed to go back. Then, this past summer of 1999 my parents surprised me because they said that for my 12th birthday, they were sending me to the Eltz castle!!. When I got to the castle, I had to walk 2 miles, up the stairs, to get to the castle doors. Then, I went to the kings bedroom and my eyes grew wide open. The room was even bigger than the pictures I saw. Well, it is a really neat castle and if you ever get the chance to go like I did, go! It is also a neat place to go for a family vacation.
Suzanne Bowser, 53, from Midwest USA , wrote:
I visited Burg Eltz in June of 1998 and my dreams of visiting the medieval times came true. The view from atop the mountain was breathtaking. I especially marveled at the technology in building this castle so long ago. It is one of the best castles to visit if you are going to Europe. Don't miss this one!
Amy, 24, Utah, wrote:
This beautiful castle was a highlight during our trip to Germany. The forest setting made it easy to imagine what life may have been like in the castle's glory days. The walk to Berg Eltz was breath taking and your first glimpse of the castle is such a thrill. It's all that you hope for when visiting a European castle.
Bob Russell, from England, wrote:
Apart from its magical location and appearance, what is truly amazing about this place is the length of ownership by one family. You can see medieval paintings on the wall that were bought NEW, when the owners personally knew the artist. The artist may have been dead for six or seven centuries, but their work still adorns the walls. Wow.
John A. Keyton, Jr. 74, from Dothan, Alabama Southern part of USA. wrote:
My father and mother Dr, (Captain) John A. Keyton, Sr. lived in Berz Eltz for over a year after the first World War. The Eltz family lived in the castle at the same time and my mother and father became good friends of theirs. Both my father and mother spoke fluent German. I remember them talking about the castle many, many times. Mother said“ it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen” Last week my sister found a postcard with a picture of Berg Eltz on it that mother had sent to her mother the date was May 1920. I looked it up at once on the computer and found your site. I hope my daughter, who lives in Arad, Romania for a year, will be able to visit the castle, if allowed.
Gerry Meier, 40, from Missouri wrote:
This was simply beautiful. After a walk through a lovely wooded setting you arrive at the base of the castle, cross a footbridge, and start climbing the narrow stairs. I understand there is a shorter path to the castle. The way we went was a 2 mile walk. The castle itself was very interesting, with many original furnishings, or period furnishings.
Tammy, 30, from Guam, wrote:
Out of all the castles we saw while we were living in Germany, I think this was our favorite. To get to the castle, you drive through these wonderful little towns and into a wooded area. As you start to walk down the hill you wonder if there really is a castle here. All of a sudden you see it!!! WOW! I think it is the most romantic of all the castles…even Neuschwanstein can't compare. The Eltz family still maintain control of it and live there part of the year. It is one of the least known castles but well worth the visit.
Stacey Wright, 28, from USA, wrote:
This is one of the most charming castles in Germany. It is reminiscent of faires and trolls who once roamed the countryside in the romantic lore of old.

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