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Goessweinstein Schloss
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Goessweinstein Schloss

Basic Info

Name: Schloss Goessweinstein
Location: Goessweinstein, Fraenkische Schweiz, Bavaria
Country: Germany

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Visitor Accounts

Ray Pfob, over 50 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, wrote:
This is a beautiful (smaller) Castle in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet…I used to live there…best view it here… This is a very beautiful Castle with lots of history. I used to live there, in Goessweinstein, as a child… I remember taking American Soldiers on tours through this Castle when I was only about 8 years old…:-) This beautiful place on the Globe is a must to visit when one travels through northern Bavaria… I'll be going back (this year) again and again and again…in one word…it's BEAUTIFUL. All the very best,

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