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Heidelberg (Germany), city in southwestern Germany.
On the summit of Jettenbühl (195 m/640 ft), which dominates the eastern portion of the city, is Heidelberg Castle (mainly 14th-17th century), one of the most impressive historic landmarks of Germany, called the red walled castle. The structure, now largely in ruins, preserves numerous examples of medieval, Renaissance, and baroque German architecture. Of particular interest are the four granite columns located in the castle courtyard, which were once part of a castle belonging to Charlemagne.

It strikes the eye at once that the castle did not arise from any uniform constructional plan, and that there is no common building line nor any unifying building style. To the west and the south the dominant element is the very plain Gothic structures. to the north ant the east it is the sumptuous and massive stone walls of the magnificent Renaissance palace and massive stone walls of the magnificent Renaissance palace with its rich decoration of sculptured figures. Taken all together, they form a back drop of indescribable charm especially for the open stage performances which draw thousands of visitors from all over Germany and all over the World.

The castle's Otto Heinrich wing houses a pharmaceutical museum. The cellar of Heidelberg Castle contains the famed Heidelberg Tun, a wine vat with a capacity of 220,017 liters (58,124 gallons). The present day barrel was constructed in 1751 from 130 oak tree trunks, It is 8.5 meters across and 7 meters high with a dance floor on top. It was built under Karl Theodor, a baroque plaque bears his initials.

The Great Vat

Visitor Accounts

Charles Lefevre, 51, from Winston-Salem NC, wrote:
My wife and I visited Germany for 3 weeks in June of 2000 and spent most of our time in Heidelberg where we visited the Castle and it was magnificent, the rooms the wine cellar and castle grounds were all beautiful and will always be in our memories. We visited 5 other castles while on vacation but the one in Heidelberg was by far the best.
Eugene Langworthy, 42, from Michigan USA, wrote:
It was in 1978, I was stationed in wildflecken Germany, with the US Army. My friends and I took a bus trip to see the illumination of Heidelberg Castle. The day was one of the high lights of the time I spent in this beautiful country. The castle is pleasing to eye. The coble stone road seems to go straight up, as you walk up the hill forward the castle. I loved the stones in the walls how it was build. I walked around for hours I liked the laboratory with all the hand blown lab equipment from the past, the giant wine vat in the cellar was awesome, and we also enjoyed some free samples of wine there. It was a great day in the castle the best was yet to come… We headed to the Rhine River and crossed it in a paddle boat, to the a number of great aches on the other side where we had a great view of the castle. It was getting dark and they light up all the windows in that grand old castle with red flares, It was a great site to behold with just the red flares, lighting up the castle. They starting shooting fire works over the castle, it came to life. It was just a great sight to see and it's a grand old Castle!
Katie, 17, from Tennessee, wrote:
When I visited the Heidelberg castle last year, I was beyond intrigued. The most spectacular view comes at sunset when the glare is perfect against the river. The vat was incredible; who knew they made barrels that big? Overall, Heidelberg is a beautiful city, and the castle only adds to that feeling you get when walking around the city- utter amazement!
Tom Majors, 53, from Jacksonville, Florida, wrote:
Got drafted in the US Army in 1966 and Germany was my second tour of duty. Was stationed at Tompkins Barracks Schwetingen as an offset pressman printing maps which is just outside of Heidelberg. Never will forget the wonderful city of Heidelberg and its beautiful castle. A group of us used to set on the river bank with a bottle of black cat white wine in one hand and a bowl in the other hand dreaming what it would be like to live in Heidelberg for the rest of our lives. To this day the dream is still with me but the money to do it is not. Guess I'll just keep dreaming!!!
Erin Chisholm, 19 , from Austin Tx, wrote:
I study in Heidelberg and the Schloss (castle) is one of my favorite haunts. Night or day it has a beautiful view of the Neckar River and the Altstadt (old city). I have heard good things about the tour of the castle, but I haven't been yet. Hopefully I will have time this next semester to go. Make sure you also go on a river tour - the view of the Heidelberg Castle as well as other castles further down the river are wonderful.
Carolyn Warner, 50, from Atlanta Georgia, wrote:
I visited this castle in the late 60's as a teenager it was a great experience. My father was stationed in Heidelberg for years and our High School had it's Prom's and Graduations at the Castle. If you could ever imagine having your 1st. High School Prom in this place, it's one of my greatest memories I have growing up. Our High School is Heidelberg American High School and we are having an All Years Reunion in July 2001, so if any of you who look at this site that do not know this you can contact which is a site for the alumni. Thanks for letting me post on this site.
Carl Evans, 33, from Corpus Christi Texas, wrote:
Heidelberg Castle sits high above the city. It is a grand old and beautiful castle. Once at the castle proper, you have many great views of old Kirches and building in the city, along with nice views of the river. Also from there you get nice commanding views of the famous lighted bridge, and of the opposite side of the river. Heidelberg castle has many nice statues, and some ruins. While I visited there, there was a wedding going on, and I couldn't imagine a more romantic place to get married. The views of buildings, turrets and walls inside the castle are just amazing. The visit is well worth it, and you come away with memories that will last you a lifetime.
Glenn, 38, from New Jersey, wrote:
I visited Heidelberg castle when I was stationed at Ramstein AB. in 1991. The castle was under some repair but it was still very beautiful. There was a torture exhibit going on at the time that showed all the devices used during the medieval time periods. Great display. One of the best castle trips I went on while over there.
PSS, from Minnesota, USA. wrote:
Having lived in Heidelberg for 4 1/2 years I have had the pleasure of many trips to the Heidelberg Castle It was always a wonder. I particularly enjoyed the evening tour of the castle, after it was closed to most of the public. The Apothecary museum is very interesting especially with the mummified remains. I'd love to go back and visit all again. There are magnificent views of Heidelberg and the Neckar for the castle. It is not something to be missed!!
Thomas Nelson, 32, from Western USA
This is a beautiful castles that sits high on a hill overlooking the river below. The castle has much to offer with tours every 30-45 minutes and for the photographer you will not be disappointed with the scenery. If you like you can pack a picnic lunch and rest in the enormous garden. There is a small Cafe just outside the castles South gate or you have the option of going into the old town just below the castle and soaking up the surroundings. There are many places to eat and plenty of stores to shop in. This is a great place to visit if you are limited on time, it makes for a wonderful day trip. Enjoy Heidelberg!
Jule Spohn, 58, from New Jersey, USA, wrote:
I visited Heidelberg Castle for the first time in 1994. It is an amazing and beautiful old castle. Standing there, looking up at it, My German background, came on very strong. I felt German like I never felt in my life just thinking about the power, might, honor, and history of my German ancestors. ICH BIN IN AMERIKA GEBOREN, ABER MEIN HERZ UND BLUT IST DEUTSCH.
Kathy, 43, from South Dakota wrote:
My first time there was with some friends from Germany and it was so beautiful and awesome - the pictures I took from the castle were beautiful as well as pictures OF the castle. I recently returned bringing my husband. He couldn't get over it but he wanted to go exploring all the nooks & crannies on his own which of course he couldn't do. Can't wait to go back and see one or more different castles this time although I can't imagine a wine vat anything like that at Heidelberg Castle or the courtyard.
Ms. Ulli-A. Wagner, 46, from Michigan, USA, wrote:
I lived in Schwetzingen, Germany,till 1972, lived about 20 km from Heidelberg. Took twice a Week the Strassenbahn to Heidelberg, cause my Dad was in the Hospital there. I love this City, and miss the Castle, you can see all of the Neckar Valley. In my Mind I still can see, when the Sun shines on it, its like you are in a different World. My oldest Son was born there, took him many times there. My Daughter was stationed with the U.S .Army in Mannheim, and she seen the Castle I think, as many times as I did, she always tells me, how beautiful it was.
Roxanne Taylor, 33, from Indiana, wrote:
Heidelberg castle is an old, partly destroyed Schloss located in the hills on the eastern side of the old college city of Heidelberg. Before you enter the castle grounds, walk around the yards, and go through the stone gates, on the side of the castle is a lookout where you can see all the way down the Rhine river. After you go onto the grounds there will be guided tours, offered in both American or German. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. After seeing about a dozen castles during my time in Europe I would rate Heidelberg castle on a scale of one to ten a 7. The prices were reasonable as well.
Carl Church, 38, from Southern California, wrote:
I've just returned from Germany after spending 21 days there with the U.S. Army. The Heidelberg castle is such a beautiful and breath taking place. The workmanship and culture is unbelievable. I still can't get over the size of the wine bin inside. If you stand next to it it makes you seem so small. I would love to return with my wife and two young sons. This would be an adventure they'd never forget .California has many cultural sites but none compared to this. Nothing could have prepared me for this experience, and the pictures don't do it justice. To appreciate this extraordinary and exquisite place you MUST visit sometime in your life. It will be something I'll always remember. Thanks for the memories……CNC
Rick Healey, 53, from So. Carolina wrote:
I visited the Heidelberg Castle many times while I was stationed near Mannheim in 1966-67 while in the army. I was fortunate to view the “burning of the castle” from the hill side across the river. It was a magnificent spectacle which I will always remember. I had an opportunity to see the world's largest wine barrel in the basement of the castle. This is a fine example of castle construction complementing the beautiful city of Heidelberg.
Robin, 31, from Tennessee, USA, wrote:
I was stationed with the U.S. Army in Germany for 4 years and had the pleasure of living in Heidelberg for 2 of those years. It is a beautiful city with so much to see. My husband and I visited Schloss Heidelberg many times and it is the most gorgeous piece of architecture I have ever seen. You cannot fully appreciate this structure until you have experienced the reenactment of the burning of the castle which is absolutely brilliant. The fireworks show and the boats on the river is breath taking. My daughter was born in Heidelberg which leaves me an appreciation and love for this place that cannot even describe.
Jessie Wang, 26, from Darmstadt, Germany, wrote:
I am from China and I visited Schloss Heidelberg when I studied in Germany. It is one of the most impressing architecture I have ever seen, not only because of the beautiful structure and statues, but also a beauty of destruction. The castle was partially destroyed in a fire and not rebuilt after that, that is why today we can see the original color of the walls and the statues of Medieval age. In front of the castle is the Neckar river over which an old bridge flies across. Between the castle mountain and the bridge is the old town of Heidelberg. Together they form a typical German view, the high towers of gotic churches, and the statues of an emperor and a queen on the bridge. Here the quiet, long Roman and German history reveals before your eyes, although the time is like the water in Neckar going away, something stays and will never change. In the castle is an exhibition of oil paintings by unknown artists. They painted the castle from different angles and in four seasons. In winter, the castle is half buried under the snow, in autumn, golden leaves and other time, surrounded by green leaves sea. I will never forget how the castle looked like floating in the air when night came and the lights were on. It was like a miracle. So definitely, I am going there again, with my lovely boy, who is half German, half Asian. And you?
Maureen, middle age, from New Jersey wrote:
My father was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany for several years in the late 70's and the family came oversees with him. Heidelberg was one of my favorite castles and we were lucky that our parents made sure we traveled the country while we lived there. We would pack picnics and sit on the riverbanks and watch the reenactment of the burning of the castle. I was so in love with the country, that I made sure I found a career that would allow me to see the country and the castles again. Now, I would love nothing more than to return again with the man I am going to marry and open his eyes to the culture, architecture and incredible beauty of such castles as Heidelberg.
Linda & Alex, 39 & 59 ,from Los Angeles California, wrote:
My husband and I visited here on a day excursion from Frankfurt. We were surprised to see such a wonderful fortress. The library, designed by King Ludwig, was quite “impressive”. You can rent it out for parties and such. The view of the Neckar river and the town were breathtaking. The Wine Barrel was unbelievable. Who knew there could be a barrel this large. The King must have had quite the parties!! We tried Eis Wine, very sweet. What a lovely day we had. Next time we must stay until the evening and watch the illumination! The photos we have seen are gorgeous! We just got our photos back from our trip and they are so great! What memories! Love castles and this is one that will be close to the top of our list of favorites! Like your website, thank you.
CNC, 17, from Oregon, wrote:
I visited this castle last spring, if I remember correctly this is also the castle with the “witches tooth” door. when entering the castle grounds there is a small door on the left with an iron handle to open it… it is a legend that no one could open the door…. there are a pair of very prominent teeth marks into this iron handle and it is said that they are the teeth marks of a witch. The wine cellar was also unbelievable! There were stairs used to get up to the top of the wine barrels….. I guess the king that used to live there was quite a drunkard… I believe that is how he died…..
Maureen, middle age, from New Jersey, wrote:
My father was in the U.S. Army and stationed in Germany for several years in the late 70's and the family came oversees with him. Heidelberg was one of my favorite castles and we were lucky that our parents made sure we traveled the country while we lived there. We would pack picnics and sit on the riverbanks and watch the reenactment of the burning of the castle. I was so in love with the country, that I made sure I found a career that would allow me to see the country and the castles again. Now, I would love nothing more than to return again with the man I am going to marry and open his eyes to the culture, architecture and incredible beauty of such castles as Heidelberg.
Michelle Millington, 27, from Texas, USA, wrote:
My husband and I both were active duty in the military and were stationed and lived in Frankenthal/Mannheim. We both loved it very, very much, and especially love the castle in Heidelberg and the Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria. We drove six hours from Mannheim to Bavaria and it is SO wonderful, just the history alone makes the castle so memorable to me. I look back on that time there, we would drive along the Rhine River and just go from castle to castle, it is one of the most wonderful times of my life. I hope one day to live in Europe, my experience there is something I will never forget. thank you.
Amanda, 18, from USA wrote:
I thought Heidelburg was a wonderful castle. The story behind the front gate was absolutely romantic. I would never have visited this castle had it not been for the fact that it was mentioned in one of my favorite books. I'm so glad I read that book now.
CW , 18, from Washington wrote:
I visited this castle in the summer of 1999. My favorite part was the cannon tower which is at the right of the picture this website has, because you could see for miles and miles of the surrounding countryside. But it was destroyed because of the easy access invaders had due to the garden the king built for his mistress. Thanks for listening

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