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Basic Info

Name: Herrenchiemsee
Location: Near Munich
Country: Germany

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View of the Castle.
Herrenchiemsee, a Palace of Ten Days, is on the island of Chiemsee. This is the final castle of Ludwig II and the biggest and most expensive of all 16.6 million. It looks like Versailles. First you go through the vestibule and then to the Hartschier Hall. Then finally to the royal bed chamber in which no-one ever slept. Thirty industrious women worked for 7 years on the embroidery for the bed cover.

Audience Hall.
The palace has 70 rooms, of which 50 were never completed. Ludwig lived here for a total of just 10 days in September 1885.

The most famous part of the palace is the Hall of Mirrors. It is 98 metres long and has 44 candelabras and 33 chandeliers. Gilt work is everywhere in the palace.

Steps lead down from the dressing room to the ground floor; here is where the royal kitchens and Ludwig's round, heated swimming pool are found.

The splendid staircase.

The long hall of mirrors.

Visitor Accounts

Isaac D, 12, from Aberdeen, Scotland, wrote:
In June of 2000 and September of 2001 I had the fantastic experience of visiting Germany, and both times I visited Cheimsee castle. It is a fantastic castle and is magnificent in every way. I loved the great hall of mirrors and also I liked the huge entrance hall full of expensive but fake marble. Everything about it was fantastic and I think that this fantastic castle is marvelous for both young and old.
Stanzi, 17, from USA, wrote:
This past June I had the awesome experience of going on a tour of Germany, Austria and Hunagary. By far the most awe-inspiring visions of the tour for me was the castle at Herrenchiemsee. The day was gorgeous, and the boat ride to the island and the horse-drawn carriage ride up to the castle were wonderful. Once inside the castle, I was transported to another world. The beauty and opulence of the castle and the surrounding area is simply breathtaking.
S Longworth, 44, from Ohio, wrote:
This King Ludwig 11 von Bayerns`Castle should be recognized as one of the most spectacular sites in all of Germany. This Royal palace has a beauty all its own. The detail is not only captivating but exquisite. Many of the priceless chandeliers radiate a prism like iridescence one can only enjoy only by being there.It`s a memory I will truly value forever.
Goug Gitt, 55, from Pennsylvania, wrote:
In the late 60's. I was a GI stationed just a few miles up the Autobahn from Chiemsee. It was an incredible day to pack a lunch, load the family into the car, drive to Prien, catch the boat to Chiemsee and walk through the palace and around the island. Too many American tourists to not take the time necessary to visit this superb island! Take the time!
Caitlin, 19, from Washington State, USA, wrote:
I loved this castle better than Versailles! It is easier to see in a day and it is less worn than Versailles. Also, you don't have to pay for each separate wing of Herrenchimsee like Versailles. It is also nestled on a beautiful island. Anything King Ludwig had designed is gorgeous and this place is stunning and tranquil. It is so cool to see another version of the beautiful Sun King's palace.
Anita, 32, from NE USA, wrote:
This castle is the perfect location for a long weekend. It is located on an island in the middle of Lake Chiem (Chiemsee). The lake is a beautiful spot to relax. The boat ride to the island is enjoyable. The castle was meant to be a replica of Versailles. If you've been to Versailles you will immediately recognize the similarity. The castle is still in the process of being finished. Like Neuschwanstein, this castle was never finished at the time of King Ludwig. My fondest memory is the wooden canopy bed that was hand carved. You have to see it! Also, take the boat to Fraueninsel. That is the sister island on Chiemsee. This island is much smaller and contains a Nunery.

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