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Basic Info

Name: Johannesburg Schloss
Location: Aschaffenburg
Country: Germany

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Visitor Accounts

Brenda Schuller, from Ohio, wrote:
While living in Germany during the 1980's I often took weekend trips to other European countries. Of all the castled I viewed, I feel Germany has THE FINEST ones in the world! In the town I lived in Aschaffenburg, stands the ONLY 4 tower castle left remaining in Germany after WWII. It is magnificent and open to the public. Be sure to dine in the restaurant there or take a leisurely walk between the castle and the Mein River which is only a few miles from the Rhein River. Ascaffenburg is a 40 minute drive from Frankfurt or 30 minute drive from Wurzburg. This castle is always overlooked in travel information; what a pity. I spent many a memorable evening around that castle with a very special man. It holds the best memories of my life so much so that I wish my ashes to be spread there when I die. I feel Germany is my soul's home!

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