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 +====== Marienburg ====== ​
 +==== Basic Info ====
 +Name: Marienburg\\
 +Location: Near Hildesheim\\
 +Country: Germany\\
 +==== Visitor Accounts ====
 +Deepak Singh, 29, from India, wrote:**\\
 + I visited the Fortress Marienburg ​ on the hill top in Wurzburg.It is a spectacle at night with all the stairs leading to the castle, illuminated at night. A must see castle in Bayern.\\
 +**Kiyomi Mashino, 25, from Hawaii wrote:**\\
 + I recently visited Marienburg and was impressed with it.  It truly is a medieval castle that was updated and updated over the centuries to remain semi-contemporary. ​ The fact that the exiled German royal family still conducts personal business there is impressive. ​ It's a shame that snapshots aren't allowed, but then again, all the more reason to fly to north Germany for an in-person look.\\
 +**Gerry Meie, 40, from Missouri, wrote:**\\
 +My two sons and I visited Marienburg while on a trip in 1998. The site of the castle up in the hills as we drove there was very beautiful. In order to enter the tour, every person had to put on a huge pair of slippers over their shoes. Part of the fun was shuffling along from room to room in oversized slippers! The castle tour was in German only, but we were able to distinguish quite a bit of what was said. The furnishings were gorgeous and it was an enjoyable experience.\\
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