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Basic Info

Name: Corfu Castle
Location: Corfu
Country: Greece

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Visitor Accounts

Magnus Westergren, 20, From Littleton, Colorado USA, wrote:
I spend my summers on Corfu every year, and have therefore seen this castle many times, it has a very rich old history starting in the Byzantine times. The view is amazing of the harbor and of Corfu old town. Anyone visiting Corfu should defiantly view this castle. Stuart Miller, 30, from North Carolina wrote:
I had the pleasure of touring this castle while on liberty with the US Navy. For a couple American dollars we had the run of the place and were allowed to explore most of the areas of the castle. This was my first of hopefully many castle tours I intend on taking. This was definitely a worthwhile time. I have picture of some of the interior of this castle posted at feel free to visit

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