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Basic Info

Name: Parliament
Location: Budapest
Country: Hungary


Visitor Accounts

Tamas, 33, from Hungary, wrote:
The Parliament (or Parlament in Hungarian) is absolutely not a castle. It was built for the national assembly and since then it's been being there. The building itself is a must-see in Budapest though.
Pete, 44, from Idaho, wrote:
Also not sure if it really is a castle but an impressive structure nonetheless. Saw it only from the outside on a walking tour of Budapest (Pest or east side). Across the Chain Bridge on the Buda side are other old fortifications that afford wonderful views of the Pest side of the Danube.
Aniko, 32, from USA, wrote:
The Parliament building is definitely NOT a castle! Inspired in part by the Palaces of Westminster it was built for the millennium celebrations of 1896, (designer - Imre Steindl) in a mixture of styles: neo-Gothic facade, Renaissance and Baroque layout. It's one of the biggest parliaments in the world: 268 meters (880 foot) long, 118 meters (387 foot) wide, 96 (315 foot) high (the dome) and has 691 rooms and over 20 kilometers (12+ miles) of corridors. Magnificent building, but not a castle! If you want to see the Royal Castle, cross the Danube, go to the Buda side (the Parliament is on the Pest side). Or better yet, if you have the time visit Eger (130 km/80 miles North-East) where you will find one of the most famous castles of Hungary. The trip will take about 2 hours by car/bus/train (FYI: in Eger you won't need a car to get around, everything's within walking distance). The castle and its defenders led by Captain Dobo played a vital role in stopping the Turks from invading the rest of the country and Europe. Dobo with his troops of 2000 men and women successfully held the fortress against a Turkish army of 60,000+. Later unfortunately the Turks came back with an even bigger army, occupied the fortress of Eger, then marched to and occupied Buda and stayed for centuries. Must have been the local wines! Actually the wines and the curative waters they found both in Eger and Budapest. (Make sure you check out the famous Turkish baths!) And if you want to read a little bit about the Turkish times and the attack on the Eger fortress buy a copy of The Eclipse of the Crescent Moon by Geza Gardonyi (original Hungarian title is The Stars of Eger, the “stars” being the handful troop of defenders I referred to above). Once in Eger, ask the locals why their most famous red wine is called the Bull's Blood (don't forget to try some!)

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