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Kilkea Castle
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Kilkea Castle

Basic Info

Name: Kilkea Castle
Location: Castledermot, co. Kildare
Country: Ireland

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This is a nineteenth-century rebuild in medieval style of a fifteenth, or sixteenth century L-plan tower-house, with round and square turrets. Nowadays it is now a golf clubhouse. On the right-hand side of the road approaching the front of the tower house, about 91.4 metres (100 yds) away from it, is the original motte of the moue castle mentioned by Giraldus Cambrensis in 1181, which is now covered with trees. It is about 12.2 metres (40 ft) tall, and part of its ditching survives.

Visitor Accounts

Marilyn Kane, 57, from California, wrote:
My husband and I stayed in this castle in the 80's, before it's recent renovation. Because of his bad back, my husband had to sleep on the floor, the bed being too soft for him. In the morning he asked me why I kept bothering him all night. I swore to him that I had slept like a log and never woke up once. He insisted that all night long someone kept stroking his face. Because of the long history of the castle and it's many owners, I believe he was visited by a spirit. We never mentioned it to any of the staff and now I regret it. I would have liked to have known if other guests had similar experiences. We visited the Castle again in 1998, but didn't stay. It had been totally remodeled and was lovely. Also, the food in the lounge/bar was excellent and I would love to have the recipe for the creamy vegetable soup they served.
Jon Cade, 38 from LI NY, wrote:
This castle was built in 1180 by the Normans. It was saved from ruin many times from battles. fires and neglect. Last was in the late 60's when it was purchased and the interior restored and converted into a hotel, while the exterior was preserved. It has changed hands and decors many times since. It has a long history and has had many important events take place on it's grounds

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