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Basic Info

Name: Knappogue
Location: Quin, Co. Clare
Country: Ireland

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This castle was the home of the MacNamara Clan. Built in 1467 it housed a succession of Norman and Irish families until 1923 when it was partially destroyed by fire. It has now been beautifully restored as a fine example of the diversity of styles characteristic of the late medieval period.
A mid-sixteenth-century rectangular tower house of five stories and attic, with comer box machicolation, long, narrow loops, battlements, and two raised corner turrets with projecting machicolation, which has been restored and supplemented with newer buildings at the lower levels.

Visitor Accounts

Trish McNamara, 46, from Glenmoore, PA. USA. wrote:
It is said that the MacNamara's built most of the castles in County Clare and Knappogue was one that they actually lived in! Well of course we had to visit a true MacNamara castle-home, since I was visiting Ireland with my husband Michael, and his brother Martin McNamara! It was beautiful-and the caretaker was kind enough to allow a small tour to descendants, even though it was the off season for tours. We have the same crest as that on the flag hanging in the banquet room! There was a wedding planned for later that day-and we thought there could be nothing more wonderful-than to entertain and stay at a castle for a wedding! The grounds are so beautiful! However- we have 3 daughters… I highly recommend this castle to all visitors
Alyssa, 22, from Arizona, wrote:
I visited this castle on a trip with my in-laws, and it was one of the most enjoyable parts. The castle and grounds were beautiful, and the medieval feast was wonderful! I had thought I would find it cheesy, but it was really well-done and quite enjoyable. The show was great.
S.M., 30ish, from Canada wrote:
My family had one of the most memorable evenings of a wonderful trip through Ireland here! My family chose to skip the Bunratty tour and banquet to spend a wonderful evening as Lords and Ladies of the Castle at Knappogue. The local people we had met throughout the area advised us that Bunratty would be wasting our time, but that Knappogue would provide us with an entertaining evening we wouldn't forget, and they were right! What a remarkable place! Great food, great ambience, and something never to be forgotten.

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