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Castello della Manta
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Castello della Manta

Basic Info

Name: Castello della Manta
Location: Piemonte
Country: Italy

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Photo Provided by Peter Presford

Visitor Accounts

Giacinto Chiosso, 42, from Italy, wrote:
The castle “della Manta” is owned by a Private Foundation that manages to complete restoration and maintenance of Castle and Chapel. The foundation, named “FAI - Fondo per l'ambiente italiano” owns a lot of historical monuments in northern Italy. “Masino castle” - Piemonte “Villa della porta Bozzolo” - Lombardia “San Fruttuoso Abbey” - on the seashore near Portofino - Liguria “Grumello castle” - Lombardia “Avio Castle” - Trentino “Grumello castle” - Lombardia and much more…As a member of foundation I would like you visit “” it is a directory of monuments managed by FAI with a lot of photos and infos… unfortunately it is written in italian language, but photos speak themselves
Peter E Presford, 58 from Wales wrote:
The Castello della Manta lies in the province of Cuneo, which is southern Piemonte. It is one of the few castles in the area that is open most days. The castle is famous for its wall paintings of medieval life. Although much altered over the years it still retains a powerful image as you climb the hill towards it. Once entering the site you are left to roam at will through the astonishing rooms; even down to the huge kitchen with its curved ceilings and whitewashed walls. Remains of extensive parklans still surround the castle, and you may take a picnic outside if you so wish. Good value for money with an excellent guide book.

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