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Castelo di Caterina Sforza
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Castelo di Caterina Sforza

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Name: Castello di Caterina Sforza
Country: Italy

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Rocca Ravaldino (Forlì) The fortress was built by Pino III Ordelaffi in 1472. In 1481, the new lord of the city, Girolamo Riario, built the citadel. In both structures are visible the architectural styles of the four, circular towers at the corners. The fortress is situated in the south of the city of Forlì, adjacent to port city called Ravaldino, from which it takes its name. The citadel was completely destroyed in the construction of a prison within it, while the rock, is well preserved, thanks the renovation work carried out in the years around 1980, is characterized by a male square, with openings for the drawbridge and four turrets circular at its corners. On the south side of the fortress is visible emblem of Cesare Borgia, who in In 1500, at that point, he was able to break down the walls and conquer, capturing the then lady of the city, Caterina Sforza. Catrerina Sforza wife of Girolamo Riario, ruled from 1488 to Forli 1500 woman of strong personality famous not only for good governance, also because after the assassination of her husband who was murdered by Girolamo Riario Orsi family, his wife Caterina, seven months pregnant, was made prisoner, but with a trick he managed to barricade himself in the fortress of Ravaldino. The conspirators were threatening to kill the children of Catherine they had held hostage: she, who was resting, went out in shirt, with bare feet and loose hair. straight on the battlements of the castle listened to conspirators and their children Cesare Ottaviano and the pleading of surrender to prevent their death. Catherine watched them, raised his tunic driven with the wind and cried: “I have here the need to make more.”

Visitor Accounts

Amanda, 17, from Colorado, wrote: I went on a 2 week tour of Italy this summer, and I was able to visit this beautiful castle. The architecture was unique and it has a wonderful background. If you ever get the chance to see it, you should!

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