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Basic Info

Name: Miramare
Location: Trieste
Country: Italy

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Visitor Accounts

Neil, 17, from Slovenia, wrote:
Miramar Castle is a beautiful castle. I visited it ones and I hope I will many times more. The castle itself and the gardens around it are just like scene out of a most beautiful dream. Its position is fantastic. You have a wonderfull view on Adriatic, city of Trieste and on clear days on the coastline of a neighboring country Slovenia.
Chris, 18, from NYC, wrote:
Miramar is a gorgeous white colored castle that juts out into the Adriatic Sea. It is located in Trieste, Italy, and was built by the Archduke Maximilian, who was the brother of Austrian Emperor Franz Josef. Maximilian and his wife Carlota left from this castle and journeyed to Mexico, where they were crowned Emperor and Empress of Mexico. Maximilian was later executed in Mexico and Carlota returned to Miramar for a short time, eventually settling in her native Belgium (she was the daughter of the Belgian King).
Karina from USA, wrote:
This castle is right in the water and was built for Maximilian an Italian King. In world war two the castle was taken to hold troops and supplies. After that it was refurnished with period pieces and recreations. Inside it's almost like a museum because it has displays and information posted on the walls. It's a few stories high and even contains a private little church. It has a surrounding garden called The Gardens of Miramare and even has swans swimming in the ponds. It is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

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