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Lazienki Palace
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Lazienki Palace

Basic Info

Name: Lazienki Palace
Location: Warsaw
Country: Poland

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A similar display can be found in Lazienski Palace. The building was taken over by the German officers during the war and was comprehensively destroyed by them when they withdrew at the end of the war. The palace is set across a lake in the middle of a park and attracts large numbers of people. At the entrance to the park is a monument to Chopin and on Sundays there are concerts of his music in the Amphitheatre, which is on the same lake. The Palace was bought by King Stanislaw Augustus in the mid 1700’s and he transformed this hunting ground into an English style park. The palace was built a few years later. This trip was taken in the summer, but we had been to the park the previous year in March. At that time it was snowing and we had an enjoyable time watching children feeding the birds and squirrels who would venture out and take food from the children’s hands. In the summer the animals find food for themselves so are not quite so obvious, although we did see a woodpecker feeding it’s chick who was nesting in a hole in a tree.

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