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Belem Tower
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Belem Tower

Basic Info

Name: Belem Tower
Location: Lisbon
Country: Portugal

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Commissioned by Manuel I, the tower of Belem was built as a fortress in the middle of the Tagus in 1515-21. Starting point for the navigators who set out to discover the trade routes, this Manueline gem became a symbol of Portugal's great era of expansion. The real beauty of the tower lies in the decoration of the exterior. Adorned with rope carved in stone, it has openwork balconies, Moorish-style watchtowers and distinctive battlements in the shape of shields. The Gothic interior below the terrace, which served as a storeroom for arms and a prisons very austere, but the private quarters in the tower are worth visiting for the loggia and the panorama.

Belem Tower is considered a masterpiece and is classified in UNESCO's International Heritage list.

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