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Paco de Giela
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Paco de Giela

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Name: Paco de Giela
Location: Giela
Country: Lisbon

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North of the Vez River, stands the Paco de Giela, an abandoned tower with commanding view. It is one of the few remaining examples of Portuguese noble residence of the late Middle Ages.

The tower looks as though it might have been built in the fourteenth century, but it was probably rebuilt about this time, when King Joao I gave it and the lands surrounding it to Fernao Aires de Lima. Whatever its exact date, the tower differs considerably from other early tower residence - the Torre de Aguia in the Alentejo, for example - because there are almost no openings, nor is there any direct access from the tower itself to the residential quarters. to be sure, as opposed to the Alentejo, winters in north Portugal are long and dank, which may explain the absence of windows.

Some of its architectural history can be seen in the configuration of the tower's perpendicular parapets. There are Manueline elements - including a fine Manueline window and an original door - as well as some later periods.

Although the plan of the Paco de Giela may not be perfectly regular, it remains a traditional medieval house and tower. Why many of these perished is open to speculation, but certainly one reason for the survival of this one is the durable granite construction. Because of the relatively date of its building and the fact that it remains almost fully intact, it is considered to be one of Portugal's great historic monuments.

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