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Karelian Castle
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Karelian Castle

Basic Info

Name: Karelian Isthmus
Location: Viborg
Country: Russia

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Picture take by Risto Hurmalainen

Visitor Accounts

Risto Humalainen from Finland wrote:
In June I also visited the Karelian Isthmus and the city of Viborg, which of course used to belong to Finland until the Russians took it over during the WW2. My family and I lived in Viborg until 1939, when the Russians started the Winter War and we had to leave our homes and move to the remaining part of Finland.
I took the photo above on July 2, 2000, and the castle still looks the same as in 1930's. We always think of it as the Finnish castle as its building was started by the Finns under the Swedish regime in 1293 to be the unconquerable fortification against Novgorod and the Russian troops

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