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Basic Info

Name: Brastislava Castle
Location: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia

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Constructed on a hill on which it dominates the city of Bratislava. It has four towers which are the symbol of the city. First known record 907, inhabited since the Neolithic Hallstadt and Roman eras. Its highest period of importance was during the reign of Queen Maria Theresa. From 1761 to 1766 it was rebuilt into a royal residence. Today it houses part of the Slovak National Museum. It is also the residence of to president of the Slovak Republic

Visitor Accounts

Jana Minarovicova, 17, from Slovakia, wrote:
The oldest traces of human activity in the site go back to four thousand years before Christ. The oldest building on the site was a stone church from the end of the 9th century. After 1542, Bratislava was the capital city of the Kingdom of Hungary, and meetings of the Hungarian parliament were held in the castle. The castle was often reconstructed and adapted to contemporary needs. The last and greatest reconstruction was done in the time of the Empress Maria Theresa. The exteriors and interiors of the whole castle area were renovated. The castle has magnificent halls and museum collections. Part of it is open to the public.
Tim, 13, from Chicago wrote:
When I went to Bratislava Castle There It Was Hot. We entered the castle and walked up its steep hill. When we reached the gate we were distracted by some of the many fine shops they have there. When we went in I was amazed. The main building of the castle which has 4 walls is like a fairy tale. It used to house the president of Slovakia and even the congress of Slovakia. When I walked along the walls I looked down and almost jumped back. It was very very high. When people think of castles they either think of a fairy tale castle or of a fortress. When you go to Bratislava castle you can combine it all. It is a very nice castle, and I recommend everyone to visit it. Please e-mail me if you have any more questions or need more information, I am currently doing a report on it.

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