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Basic Info

Name: Devin
Location: Brastislava
Country: Slovkia

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Built at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Originally constructed by the Romans, oldest written record dates from 864. Destroyed by the Napoleonic armies in 1809.

Visitor Accounts

Jozef Bednar, 26, from Slovakia and UK, wrote:
Review: Devin Castle is undoubtedly one of the most important historic monuments in Slovakia. In addition, the castle is located in very picturesque environment. If you are there, you do not believe that you are just about a mile away from the half million city of Bratislava.
I strongly recommend to visit this marvellous place as I did many times during my university studies in Bratislava.
Michaela Chalupova, 28, from Slovakia, wrote:
I live very close to this castle and it is really one of the most important castles in Slovakia. The weak point of the castle is its presentation and interpretation to the broad public. I work for The National Trust of Slovakia organization which main goal is the sustainable preservation and presentation of cultural heritage of Slovakia. We are looking for ways how to improve the current insufficient state of interpretation and presentation of this unique place. We welcome all advices about examples of good interpretation on castles on Thanks!
Jana Minarovicova, 17, from Slovakia, wrote:
Devín - the remains of an ancient castle overlooking the point where the River Morava flows into the Danube. Near the castle is the state nature preserve called Devínska Kobyla, which means Devín mare. You can find there rare species of plants and animals. Devín Castle is the oldest castle in Slovakia. Its site was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Devín is a symbol of Slavic brotherhood and the struggle of the Slovaks for freedom and national independence.
Thomas LeComte, 34, from Europe wrote:
Contrary to what reviewer Michael Moore, 37, from Texas, says, Devin castle is situated on the Danube, upstream from Bratislava. Its origin also lies much farther back in history than Mr. Moore mentioned There is proof that the castle site was inhabited as early as during the La Tene period. The castle is not neglected at all; it is well kept, beautiful to look at and at a very pleasant location. By the way, the blood-bathing countess castle loving Mr. Moore mentions is Elisabeth Barthory-Nadasdy, a Transsylvania born monster that lived in the 16th century. She committed most of her crimes in a castle name Cachtice, which is situated in what today is Slovakia.
Michael Moore, 37, from Texas, wrote:
I lived in Bratislava 93-94 and used to bike down the Danube to Devin castle. The princess tower was featured on one of the Slovak coins. It was closed during the winter but I got in toward the end of my time there. It is a great structure and superb location, unfortunately it also appeared to have been somewhat neglected since the end of the Communist era. Being much more of a fortress than the Bratislava castle (more like a palace then a castle, actually), I still found it very appealing. I fondly remember my castle hunting adventures in and around Slovakia. It is a beautiful county full of friendly people. I still have the map I used to locate and hike to castles, there is one in particular north of Bratislava going toward Trencin that was off in the distance to the left. These remains once housed a woman that bathed (or drank) the blood of the local peasants. I can't quite remember the story, and if anyone knows of this castle and its tales, I'd like to hear them.

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