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Basic Info

Castle: Alarcon
Location: Alarcon
Country: Spain

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Visitor Accounts

Scott Whipple, from Arizona, USA, wrote:
Alarcon is a medieval town spectacularly located on 200-foot high cliffs surrounded by an impossibly narrow gooseneck of the Rio Jucar in central Spain, La Mancha province. I cannot emphasize enough how dramatically situated the town is. The castle itself is an 8th-century Moorish fortress situated at the narrowest point of the land, surrounded by ancient but well-preserved crenellated walls, completely dominating the town. The castle has been converted into a parador, with just 13 guest rooms, all in the tower. We stayed in a room that seemed like a cave, with 6 foot thick stone walls and a single window at the end of a tunnel through which bowmen once shot arrows. The parador serves meals in a Great Hall with a 45 foot ceilings decorated with armor, medieval weapons, and moody paintings. In a country full of wonderful castles, Alarcon stands out as one of the finest. It's small but very authentic. The town itself is also worth a visit.

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