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Basic Info

Name: Alcazar de Segovia
Location: Segovia
Country: Spain

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Like many of Spain’s alcázars, or fortified castles, the one at Segovia was first constructed by the Moors sometime in the Middle Ages. It was heavily renovated by the Spanish in the 15th century, and again in the late 19th century. The Alcázar sits on a hill overlooking the city.

Visitor Accounts

Beth, from Missouri, wrote:
In the summer of 2001 I visited Spain and toured it somewhat. Alcazar was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen in my entire life. The cliffs and stream surrounding it made it seem like I was in a fairytale. Of the entire country, Segovia, with the cathedral, aqueducts, and of course the castle, was the most impressive.
Jenny, 21, from Texas, wrote:
This castle is amazing! It took us almost 4 hours to complete the tour because we kept stopping and looking at everything. The ceilings in this castle are incredible. Also, you can climb up all the way to the top. It's a lot of stairs, and kinda hard cause they are a narrow winding set, but it's definitely worth it when you get to see the view of the town of Segovia from up top!! If you are going to be in this area of Spain, you must stop and see this castle!
Lilly, 18, from Georgia, wrote:
A little bit of interesting information about Alcazar is that it was either used or used as a model for labels of the NBC miniseries, THE 10TH KINGDOM which was awesome…I just recently found this out and it is incredibly exciting to know something this amazing does exist.
Zara Bigul, from Italy, wrote:
Bellissimo da visitare e estremamente affascinante.
Jessica, 20, from Wisconsin, wrote:
The Alcazar was the first castle I had ever visited, it is the castle the Magic Kingdom at Disney World is modeled after. I traveled Spain in the summer of '99 and it was by far my favorite place. If you ever visit Spain go see the Alcazar, it is worth it!!
Shannon, 16, from San Diego California, wrote:
The Alcazar is truly one of the most amazing castles I've seen. I saw it when I visited Spain with my grandparents at age 14. I was truly amazed when I walked in to it, because I was young and did not know what to expect. It is a site worth seeing
John B. Jones, III, from Louisiana, wrote:
Visited the Alcazar in the spring of 1964. Was truly one of the most memorable sites seen during a two year tour of Europe. The view was fantastic and the people were equally fantastic. Hope that Spain and Segovia have retained that friendliness.
Mike Ferreira, 42, from California, wrote:
I visited this castle many years ago and slept out under the stars (in the late autumn, so cold it made frost) in the wheat field (I wonder if it is still there) across the galley, if one looks from the point of the cliff. It was beautiful and truly frozen in time. A friend of mine and I went into the basement and saw some pretty cool things (piled up armour, swords, saddles, old flags and standards laying around) before it was ever open to the public.
Lindsay C, 18, from New Hampshire, USA, wrote:
Throughout my entire trip to Spain I was looking forward to this castle. It was the first castle I have ever been to. It was just beautiful. The view from the top is breath taking. It was well worth the climb up the very narrow staircase. It is on of my favorite places in Spain.
Linda, 50, from Arizona, wrote:
Segovia was my favorite city. Historically it was wonderful but currently it is also fascinating. Alcazar was spectacular and in the best shape inside and out of all the castles I saw in Spain (Madrid and north). The ceilings were pure art in this castle. The kings room and throne rooms were also elegant. The arms room was interesting and the armor collection the best I saw. The cathedral of Segovia the most spectacular visigothic I saw. Breathtaking architecturally. All in all a great town. Then and now. The food deliciosa!
Jorge Power, 19 from Melbourne, Florida, USA, wrote:
I visited Spain last summer and Alcazar was the best one of them all. Segovia is the perfect fairytale town. It has the spectacular castle at the end of the town. The cliffs surrounding the castle are breathtaking. The roman aqueduct, along with the town and castle makes Segovia a great place. Make sure you try 'Cochinillos'.
Noah Cantwell, 20, from Pennsylvania, wrote:
One of the best castles ever. Very fairy tale like (in fact, sleeping beauty's castle was based on this one). And the interior is as interesting as the exterior (if not more) architecturally.

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