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Alhambra in Granada
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Alhambra in Granada

Basic Info

Name: La Alhambra
Location: Granada
Country: Spain

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Visitor Accounts

Natalie, 24, from London, UK, wrote:
I visited La Alhambra last year. I was absolutely speechless and amazed by the detail which was all done by hand all those years ago. I noticed that there were doors everywhere. Apparently, so we were told, an article was published in Spain about a year or so ago saying that all these doors which led to rooms were kept close to preserve the inside of the Alhambra… apparently, the inside is twice as big as what you see on the outside. They do let you look from a distance at one room, but no-one is allowed inside it. The color on the walls was so vivid in comparison to the outside which had faded so much over the years. I would recommend to try and visit La Alhambra when it is not so hot……it was 39 degrees when we went and I was boiling!! Another good thing about going to see La Alhambra, is if you stick around Granada, in the evening, all the bars give you a free tapas dish with each round of drinks you order (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). The more rounds you order the better the food gets!! Absolutely spectacular place
Wolfie, 31, from Florida, wrote:
The Alhambra was the first of many castles I have visited in Europe. I have a picture of the Court of Lions (where the Harem was kept) blown up and framed on my wall. On the day it was taken, the sun was beaming down, bathing the room in shades of gold. It still takes my breath away.
Angela, 22, from Illinois, US, wrote:
I visited “La Alhambra” a couple of years ago on a study tour with my university….I visited many castles while I was in Spain, but this castle was the absolute most gorgeous place I have ever seen in my life!! The gardens, “El Generalife”, around the castle added just the right touch to make this castle have the feel of a real paradise….just being there made me feel like a princess!! I definitely recommend that anyone traveling to Spain visit this charming and unforgettable piece of history! Bien hecho, Espana!
Alan Randol, 30 from Washington, USA, wrote:
I visited the ALHAMBRA a couple years ago. It is still in my mind as one of the most beautiful places that I have seen! I am overwhelmed at the fact of how much attention to detail was put into the ALHAMBRA. Also most, if not all, of the ALHAMBRA was carved and built by hand! That is something you rarely see today. The country of Spain should be given an award for its great effort to preserve Spanish History
Lins, 13, from Indiana, wrote:
I visited the Alhambra in April and got a chance to stay overnight in the parador there. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The gardens in the Alhambra are especially beautiful. The Islamic influence had such an impact on Spanish architecture. .it is so beautiful! I totally recommend anyone going there, it is such an awesome place to see and learn about!!!!!!
Tony, 23 from Sweden wrote:
I was surprised not to find this castle in this database.. It is defiantly the most beautiful castle I have seen. It was built by the Muslim moors. It was and still is) considered by them as the most beautiful work of art ever constructed. It includes beautiful wood carvings, fountains etc. too beautiful it seems. The artists/builders of Alhambra had their eyes burnt, so that they never would be able to make something this beautiful again. quite a reward.. The castle lies beautifully on a cliff above the city of Granada. The gardens of Generalife, situated just next to Alhambra is also worth a visit. If you go to Alhambra it would be a shame not to visit the city of Granada, especially the Cathedral/church where the first Spanish King and queen are buried.

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