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Name: Almodovar del Rio
Location: Cordoba
Country: Spain

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Almodovar del Rio is a grandiose caliphal fortress erected on a high mound along the Guadalquivir. Its high walls are flanked by square towers, except for one that may be Visigothic.
The principal tower is taller than the others, and the entire castle is surrounded by a large moat, while in the middle there is a large court of arms.
During the Almohad invasion, it was the site of an encounter between warring Muslim factions, and Peter the Cruel used it as a prison for his sister?in?law Juana de Lara. It was also the scene of the battles between the followers of Henry IV and his brother. Much later, Philip IV ceded it to the Order of Santiago.
The count of Torralba rebuilt it at the beginning of this century under the direction of the marquis of Cubas, giving it the external appearance of the original Arab fortification. It is one of the few castle?palaces in Andalucia that can still be inhabited.

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