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Basic Info

Name: Barco de Avila
Location: Avila
Country: Spain

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Watching over one of the principal sheep passages between the upper and lower plateaus, this castle near Alto Torres is an important military fortress.

Parts of the outer walls are preserved largely because they are adapted to the irregularities of the terrain. Inside, the castle itself is square, with four flanking towers at its corners. The main gate, with a semicircular arch, opens onto a court of arms. On its left is the square principal tower, which is connected to the other towers by a walkway. The date of construction is uncertain, although its architecture conforms to the style of the late fifteenth century. The castle was surrounded by two ditches. Both the castle and the outer walls show remains of much earlier constructions.

The castle reached one peak of its glory during the years of the House of Alvarez in Toledo; and another with the dukes of Alba, who expanded and maintained it. The castle and the outer walls suffered serious damage during the Napoleonic wars.

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