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Name of castle: Guadamur
Location: Toledo
Country: Spain

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The castle of Guadamur in the Province of Toledo, is distinctive for its elegant stepped profile. Four progressively elevated elements create this happy result: a low outer barrier, the main body with its towers, a second body with projecting turrets, and the principal tower (on one corner) with its typical turrets projecting on decorated arches similar to the Alcazar de Segovia.

In the main body of the castle, the mood comer towers alternate with triangular abutments that look like the breakwaters of a bridge. It seems (hat the stain body of the castle must have been enlarged soon after its original construction since the wells are topped wily cantilevered trusses, which in turn support a separate body with entirely different vertical battlements, This extension must have modeled the palace, and as the castle could not be enlarged beyond its restricted square plea, it was instead extended upwards.

It was built in the latter fifteenth century by Don Pedro Lopez de Ayala, a member of an illustrious Teledan family and much beloved by John 11 of Castile Philip the Fair and Princess Joanna spent happy days here on their honeymoon . and Charles V retired here and to the convent or Sisla to mourn the death of Empress Isabella Cardinal Cisneros also lodged here.

After its days of glory had passed, the castle suffered in the Napoleons wars and the civil disturbances between the Carlists and liberals, but fortunately it was restored to 1887 by a member of an old Catalan family, the count of Asalto.

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